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Best Plastic Surgeon in Bloomfield Hills

Michigan's Trusted Cosmetic Center & Med Spa

Get ready to visit with the trusted and gifted cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andrew Lofman and his team of experienced professionals in order to look and feel your best!

For over 15 years, Dr. Lofman has been a top rated and most trusted plastic surgeon and med spa near you for men and women of all ages.


Dr Lofman and his staff at Plastic Surgery of Michigan always strive to make every patient feel confident, comfortable, and at ease.

Every patient is treated like family, and every patient gets that extra attention they deserve. From the moment you walk through the door and are greeted by warm and friendly smiles, you will feel the difference compared to other practices.

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Michigan's Trusted Cosmetic Center & Medical Spa

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“My goal is to have all of my patients looking and feeling their best in a low stress and comfortable environment. I treat everybody like family!”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find the best plastic surgeon for me?
    • If you don’t know anyone in your own life who’s previously had plastic surgery, you may be tempted to simply search “best plastic surgeon” on Google. However, there are so many surgeons in Michigan to choose from—and not all of them are equally experienced.

      In addition to reading Google reviews, you can also use tools like RealSelf, HealthGrades, and US News to find ratings, reviews, and credentials of plastic surgeons in Michigan.

      The most important thing to look for is that your surgeon have proper credentials to safely and effectively perform your procedure. Beyond simply experience and certifications, however, it’s also important that you trust your surgeon. After all, the results of plastic surgery are permanent.

      When looking for the best plastic surgeon for you, it’s important to understand that surgeon’s ability to personalize his or her procedure plan to achieve your unique goals. Here are a few telltale signs that you may have found the right fit:

      • They are thorough. The best plastic surgeons are the ones who take their time with patients to not only evaluate the area(s) they will be operating on; but also to ask all of the questions needed to arrive at the right plan for both the procedure itself and the aftercare involved.
      • They educate you. Beyond simply answering your questions, the best plastic surgeons possess the ability to anticipate the information you need to feel fully informed and educated about the procedures you choose to invest in. You should never feel talked down to or made to feel uncomfortable, misinformed, or misdirected in any way.
      • They offer a variety of techniques and treatments. Oftentimes, a combination of both surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments is going to be most effective for achieving your goals.

      Ultimately, the best way to know whether you’ve found the right plastic surgeon is to schedule an initial consultation.

  • Is a plastic surgeon better than a cosmetic surgeon? What are the best credentials to look for in a plastic surgeon?
    • Although many people use these words interchangeably, there is actually a slight difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. The best way to distinguish this difference is by looking at where your surgeon is board certified. Plastic surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, while cosmetic surgeons are certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

      Beyond these credentials, you should also take into account the number of years a surgeon has been in practice, as well as their patient results.

      In addition to plastic surgery, Dr. Lofman is also board certified in reconstructive surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, which is dedicated to improving the care of the surgical patient and to safeguarding standards of care in an optimal and ethical practice environment. He has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, general surgery, and reconstructive surgery.

      As an expert in mommy makeovers and breast augmentation in Michigan, he has earned the title “Top Plastic Surgeon” by the Consumer Research Council of America for nearly ten straight years and is one of the most respected plastic surgeons in Michigan. He was also listed in Hour Magazine among the “Top Docs” in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

  • What procedures can a plastic surgeon do?
    • When you’re looking for the best plastic surgeon to fit your needs, it’s important to understand what procedures they can perform. Board-certified plastic surgeons generally perform a variety of common aesthetic procedures that require surgical techniques. Some surgeons, like Dr. Lofman, specialize in different techniques or approaches and are highly sought after for those specific treatments.

      Dr. Lofman offers unparalleled results for body plastic surgery, including popular treatments like:

  • When should I schedule my first plastic surgery appointment?
    • If you’re considering plastic surgery, it’s never a bad time to schedule an initial consultation! This appointment blocks off a surgeon’s schedule so you can meet them, ask all of your questions, and work with them to design a treatment plan that will best meet your individual goals, timeline, and budget. Dr. Lofman also often provides patients with a second opinion on their surgical approach to ensure they are getting the best results for their investment.

      Your consultation with Dr. Lofman can happen anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks in advance of when you would like to have your surgery scheduled. If, after your first appointment, you decide it would be best to wait longer to have your surgery, we are always happy to accommodate your schedule. In other cases, you may discover during your first appointment that your skin concerns can actually be resolved using non-invasive techniques!

      Your surgeon may also suggest following up your procedure with other complementary treatments to help you achieve and maintain your ideal results. This could include stretch mark reduction, muscle toning, or even injectables like Botox or filler.

      It’s important to note that the best plastic surgeons never pressure their patients into a timeline or procedure that they might be uncomfortable with. Your first appointment will be your chance to build trust with your surgeon so that you are both on the same team to achieve the results you’re after!

  • What questions should I ask my plastic surgeon before my procedure?
    • Honesty is the best policy when it comes to plastic surgery. Here is a quick checklist of questions we recommend you ask during your initial consultation to help you establish expectations before your surgery:

      1. How many years of plastic surgery training have you had?
      2. Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
      3. Do you have before-and-after photos I can look at for each procedure to illustrate what kind of results I can expect?
      4. Do you treat this as an inpatient or outpatient procedure?
      5. How far out can you book a surgery?
      6. Can you perform multiple procedures at the same time?
      7. Is there anything I can do at home to help prepare for the procedure?
      8. What will the day of surgery look like?
      9. Does this procedure require anesthesia? If so, what kind?
      10. Where and how will you perform my procedure?
      11. How long will the procedure take?
      12. How much pain should I expect after the procedure?
      13. How much time will I need to take off work after this procedure?
      14. Will I need anyone to help me at home afterward?
      15. Will I receive written post-op instructions?
      16. What scarring can I expect and how will you mitigate this?
      17. Will it look like I’ve “had work done”?
      18. Are there any non-surgical alternatives that will get me close to the same results?
      19. How much will my plastic surgery cost?
      20. What are the risks and complications associated with my procedure? How are complications handled?
      21. Will you give me a plan to help maintain my results over time? What does that look like?
      22. How much experience do you have performing this specific surgery or ones like it?
      23. What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the outcome of my surgery?
      24. Is there a medical professional on call to answer post-op questions?
      25. How many follow-up appointments will be necessary?
      26. When should I expect to see my final results?
  • Does it matter if my plastic surgeon is near me?
    • We suggest finding the best plastic surgeon to perform your individual procedure and avoid the risks that might come with selecting a provider on proximity alone. Many of our patients drive from all over Michigan to receive top-tier care by Dr. Lofman and our team!

Hear From Our Patients



Amazing surgeon. I worked with him as a medical student. Pays attention to detail and all of his patients love his work. He’s the best! Also, a great teacher and human being.

Dr. Lofman has phenomenal surgical expertise and customer service. He is very confident and reassuring. I got a breast reduction and my work was done precisely. I am very happy with my results. I went from a H cup to a D. Yet, given the fact that I was petrified before surgery, it was a relief knowing that I picked the perfect doctor when the procedure was complete. I see why he has a 5 star rating.

When I first inquired to get breast augmentation, I went to 2 different doctors. When I went to Dr. Lofman for a consultation, I met with him directly and I was surprised! He was very nice and answered all the questions I had right away. His secretary, Michelle was so helpful when it can to prices, payments, filling out papers for my work and answering all questions I had! Very pleased with my results! Recommend 100%

Dr. Lofman did an amazing job on my breast reduction surgery. I did a ton of research before choosing my surgeon and I definitely made the right choice. He is very professional and meticulous, and made me feel super comfortable when I was most nervous before surgery. This was a life changing procedure and I couldn’t be more happy with Dr. Lofman’s amazing work. I have minimal pain, considering! I will return to him for any procedures needed in the future and highly recommend to friends and family.

I had a bilateral blepharoplasty (removal of additional skin of the upper eyelids) with Dr A Lofman in January of this year. The results are amazing, I couldn’t be happier. Dr Lofman is professional, and his surgical skills are outstanding.

I went on a few consults before choosing Dr. Lofman. For me, it was all about the vibe. Dr. Lofman is kind, calm, and collected; he takes the time to answer questions and doesn’t rush the process…I am a few months out and I feel great ! I’d recommend this place to my friends and family with the tip to communicate what you’re looking for in detail so that you can achieve your desired look.

I had a few things done here and everyone there is absolutely amazing. Dr.Lofman is so polite and has great bedside manner. My initial consult was brief but that’s only because he explains everything so clearly I barely had any questions! The was amazing communication with the office the whole time! Susan was there for me throughout all of my insurance changes, and paperwork. Also Michelle patiently accepted all of my pre-surgery jitter calls! I am still healing well and have had no complications. I would never go anywhere else!

Honestly the most amazing experience ever from the wonderful stuff at this office to the wonderful staff at the surgery center the day of my surgery they made me so comfortable I was surprised I wasn’t nervous or anything and after my surgery I was very please with my results Andrew lofman is amazing he makes you feel so comfortable and did exactly everything I asked for I would recommend him to anyone I am definitely ever glad I chose him to do my Brest augmentation

I just had my breast augmentation with Dr Lofman a little over two weeks ago. Everything went perfectly. They look amazing feel amazing. The incisions are hidden very well in the breast crease. I had minimal pain no bruising and zero complications. He does beautiful work. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a breast augmentation surgery. I have wanted this surgery for years and finally took the plunge and i am so happy with my results.

Dr Lofman did a Breast Augmentation for me 3 weeks ago, and he did an amazing job. I love the friendliness of all of his staff. Everyone is soooo nice from Michelle, Nicolette, and even all the ladies at the surgical center that prepared me the morning of my procedure. I will recommend Dr Lofman to anyone that comes in contact with me that’s thinking about having any procedure done. Ladies if you’re looking to have a Breast Augmentation done, and want to come out loving your results, Dr Lofman here in Bloomfield, MI is the doctor you want to see. Thank you Michelle for being soooo helpful and answering all my questions even when Dr wasn’t available, Nicolette you’re soooo sweet and made me feel soooo comfortable with my entire process he definitely have a good person on his team.

Dr. Lofman and his staff are amazing. He preformed my medical breast reduction and the results are amazing. I am so happy with how it turned out. He and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable and answered all my questions. I would recommend him to anyone.

I had my breast reduction surgery with Dr. Lofman 6 months ago and the results are amazing! He listened to all my concerns and I’m very happy with how well everything turned out. He’s very knowledgeable and great at what he does. I did a lot of research when looking for a surgeon and his before and afters were one of the best I saw so I booked my consult. In the end, he definitely did not disappoint! I recommend him to everyone I talk to looking for a surgeon because it was such a positive experience.

I love Dr Lofman, he is an amazing surgeon. His staff really worked with me when I was having insurance issues. They were so nice. My surgery went well.

Great guy. Can’t recommend Dr. Lofman enough!

Dr. Lofman and his entire team are absolute miracle workers. From the initial consult, to the surgery, to the post-op appointments, every single person on their team has made me feel safe, heard, and supported. I was quite nervous about undergoing an elective surgery; however, I do not regret it for a second. I very much look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Lofman. He is honest, straightforward, and kind. Plus, you can really trust that he knows what he is talking about. Thank you!

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