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Look and feel better, and step up to trusted and gifted cosmetic surgery with Dr. Andrew Lofman and his team of experienced professionals. For over 12 years, Dr. Andrew has been one of Michigan’s top-rated and most trusted plastic surgeons for:

Dr. Andrew is considered one of the leading plastic surgeons in Michigan. This identity comes from his amazing skills, but it also is a reflection of the time and care he gives people like you. Visit Dr. Andrew Lofman, FACS at 4050 W. Maple Rd. Suite #201, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301 for your consultation, by appointment, by calling (248) 540-2100 today!

Regular business hours are:
Monday through Friday: 9AM – 6PM

Because Experience and Expertise Really Matters

Top Doc Award from HOUR Detroit MagazineDuring your initial consultation Dr. Lofman will take as much time as you need to address your individual goals and concerns. He is a caring plastic surgeon willing to give you good advice, and share his experience. This personalized attention to you differentiates him from many other plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Michigan.

Besides being Board-Certified as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Andrew Lofman is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. His skill as a plastic and cosmetic surgeon uses the latest FDA approved technologies. This helps to assure you will enjoy beautiful and natural looking outcomes.

In addition, Dr. Lofman is an expert in breast augmentation and mommy makeovers; which has earned him the awards for “Top Plastic Surgeon” by the Consumer Research Council of America. For this, and his amazing talent, Dr. Lofman is considered one of the most respected Plastic Surgeons here in Michigan.

New Medical Day Spa Services

Besides expert plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Lofman is pleased to offer a suite of advanced noninvasive procedures in his metro Detroit medical spa, within his plastic surgery practice.

Noninvasive aesthetic treatments can address an array of skin, facial and body concerns for both women and men alike. Oftentimes, these treatments make highly effective complementary procedures to invasive treatments, however, they are also extremely sought-after standalone procedures that can help you look and feel your best from head to toe.

One of the benefits of noninvasive procedures is that there is very little downtime — or no downtime at all — compared to invasive measures. Whether you are concerned about wrinkles on the face, loss of facial volume, skin tone, skin texture, fine lines, a double chin that won’t budge, acne scars or active acne, stretch marks, rosacea, broken capillaries, facial redness, lack of muscle tone in the abdomen, excess fat on the body or even unwanted hair, our southeast Michigan medical spa is world class and can garner results!

Dr. Lofman’s medical team is highly experienced and takes a customized approach to your procedure, only recommending the treatments that will offer beautiful, natural-looking results. Further, our medical spa is overseen by a renowned plastic surgeon in Dr. Lofman, not always the case with other medical spas. As such, you can feel comfortable knowing you are in capable, educated and skilled hands with his medical team.

Among the medical spa procedures offered are:

BOTOX® and Other Cosmetic injectables

For aging skin that is displaying fine lines or even deeper wrinkles or volume loss, we offer cosmetic injectables, like Botox. As we age, wrinkles are inevitable, as is collagen loss (collagen is the protein in our skin that keeps it tight, uplifted and young looking). However, with advanced cosmetic injectables, we can smooth lines and fill in deep folds while replacing precious volume.


If you struggle with pesky fat underneath the chin, also known as a double chin, Dr. Lofman offers Kybella. Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable that permanently dissolves this fat! Say goodbye to that double chin — for good!


As one of the most advanced technology that is FDA-approved for body toning, EMSCULPT builds muscle and contours the abdomen, arms and buttocks noninvasively. Perfect in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and treating specific problem areas.

Cynosure Icon Laser

Whether you’re looking to stimulate collagen production in the skin, reduce unwanted hair, treat sun damage, brown spots, acne or rosacea, the Cynosure Icon Laser can do this and more. This state-of-the-art equipment can regenerate the skin and provide results in even one treatment with minimal downtime.

Chemical peels

Peel your way to younger, healthier looking skin! We offer a variety of chemical peels that can resurface the skin and treat acne and acne marks, large pores, wrinkles and more for a fresh appearance.

Trusted and Highly Rated Cosmetic Surgery in Metro Detroit | Dr. Andrew Lofman, FACS | (248) 540-2100

Plastic Surgeon Endorsement

Call (248) 540-2100 now for your consultation with Dr. Andrew Lofman, FACS. Dr. Andrew’s 5-Star and glowing online reviews speak for themselves. Thousands of Michigan women and men have taken advantage of his amazing talent along with the most advanced plastic surgery procedures and newest technology. Dr. Andrew is one of Michigan’s leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons and is considered one of the Midwest’s leading breast augmentation specialists. *Results may vary from patient to patient and these results are expected but not guaranteed. Look at his online reviews and see for yourself…

Contact Dr. Andrew Lofman, FACS at 4050 W. Maple Rd. Suite #201, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301 for your consultation, by appointment, by calling (248) 540-2100 today!
Regular business hours are:
Monday through Friday: 9AM – 6PM

You can trust Dr. Andrew Lofman for Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifts, Breast Reconstruction, Tummy Tucks, Eyelid Lifts, Brow Lifts, Neck Lifts, Facelifts, Mommy Makeovers, Nose Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia Surgery, Chin Enhancements, Cheek Enhancements, Skin Rejuvenation – Injectables, Filler Treatments, Liposuction and Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Michigan

We have clients come to us from all over the metro Detroit area including Auburn Hills MI, Bloomfield Township MI, Birmingham MI, Beverly Hills MI, Franklin MI, Troy MI, Rochester MI and Rochester Hills MI.

Q&A with Dr. Andrew Lofman

Where did you grow up?

I grew up here in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Tell us about your education and training.

I went to Medical School at Ross University School of Medicine. I did a full 5 year general surgery residency and graduated as chief resident at Mercy Catholic Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA. I then went on to finish a 2 year fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan.

What type of surgical procedure do you specialize in?

While I do all aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery, I specialize in breast and body surgery.

What is your philosophy at your practice?

I treat everyone like they are family. I will always strive for the best possible results.

Why did you become a plastic surgeon?

I love helping people obtain goals that cannot be achieved without surgery.

What do you like most about being a plastic surgeon?

My patients. I love the patient interaction!

What methods did you employ to accomplish your goal of becoming a successful doctor?

During my residency for general surgery, an attending doctor taught me this mantra: “Do your best, the hell with the rest.”  I live by that!

What do you like to do in your leisure time when you are not operating or seeing patients?

I love to exercise, do yoga, and hang out with my kids.

What epiphany did you experience while studying to become a surgeon that led you to choose aesthetic surgery?

I actually was telling my friends in 6th grade that I would become a plastic surgeon.  I knew it all along.

What setbacks or obstacles did you encounter while pursuing your goals?

General surgery is a difficult residency to get through. Five years of a grueling residency really makes you think about your goals. I knew I had to really push myself in order to be competitive enough to get one of the few spots available in a plastic surgery fellowship.

What three words best describe you?

Determined, perfectionist, relatable

What mentors do you currently have, or have you had during your career that made a lasting impact on you?

The surgeons I worked with while training have all had an impact on me. Some I take the good, some I remember the bad. But they have all shaped me into the surgeon I am today.

How did your journey to be a plastic surgeon change you internally?

I was always driven to be a plastic surgeon.

Why do patients choose you as their plastic surgeon, and what makes you different and unique?

I am always honest with patients about realistic expectations. I treat everyone with the utmost respect. And I always do the best to get the best results.