Breast Reduction Northville MI

Breast Reduction near Northville, MI

Breast Reduction near Northville, MI

Does the weight of your breasts cause you great pain? Do you struggle to find clothing that fits your upper half? Are your breasts uneven or large for your frame? These are some reasons you might consider getting a breast reduction near Northville, MI. Dr. Andrew Lofman, FACS provides a variety of cosmetic surgeries, including breast lifts, breast augmentations, mommy makeovers, tummy tucks, and more. He will help you find the right solution for your goals and lifestyle.

To schedule a no obligation consultation with Dr. Lofman, call (248) 540-2100. We have convenient appointment times and a friendly atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Common Reasons for Getting a Breast Reduction

There are many reasons you may think about getting a breast reduction near Northville, MI. For many women, it’s a matter of correcting a source of long-term insecurity. For others, it’s about eliminating pain in their shoulders and backs. Whatever your reasoning may be, we are here to find a personalized plastic surgery plan that works for you.

  • Remove Excess Skin and Correct Breast Sagging
  • Reduce the Size and Weight of Breasts
  • Relieve Back Pain and Shoulder Pain
  • Correct Breast Asymmetry
  • Change the Proportions of the Breasts to Suit Your Figure
  • Alter the Size and Shape of Breasts after Childbirth (Ask about Our Mommy Makeover Services)
  • Get a Personalized Plastic Surgery Plan Designed Specifically for You

It all starts with a simple phone call to (248) 540-2100. Ask about a breast reduction near Northville, MI, and we will schedule your consultation with Dr. Lofman.

Find out If Breast Reduction Surgery Is Right for You

Breast reduction surgery is not right for everyone. For instance, if you plan on having more children in the future, it may be best to postpone breast surgery until after that time. Your body changes with every pregnancy, so you may need a different cosmetic surgery plan when the time comes. Dr. Lofman will help you find the right plan for your body now and in the future. Your needs always come first.

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