Dispelling More Breast Augmentation Myths

Dispelling More Breast Augmentation Myths

If you’re researching the possibility of having a breast augmentation, chances are, you’ve come across a plethora of information…much of which you weren’t sure was accurate or not. There are many falsities lurking out there when it comes to getting breast implants.

In a previous blog post, we talked about three common misconceptions about breast augmentation that had to do with cost, breast feeding and pain associated with the procedure. But today we’d like to address two other breast augmentation myths out there.

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Myth: Breast implants make mammograms impossible

This is a common concern among women considering breast implants. And rightfully so. This year alone, over 252,000 cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed.  And though breast implants have the potential to hide breast tissue, today’s advanced technology and imaging devices are able to handle this while still gaining an accurate reading.

The most vital thing to do when having a mammogram is to let your technician know that you do have implants, most importantly, to ensure an accurate result but also so that they may employ the proper techniques to reduce the risk of a rupture. Those with implants located above the muscle may be at a greater risk for an inaccurate read than those with implants placed under the muscle. However, studies indicate that mammograms are still an effective screening method for breast cancer even for women who have undergone breast augmentation.

Myth: Silicone implants are not safe

This is a common misconception, as well. Silicone breast implants are, in fact, FDA-approved for use in patients over 22 years old. Many patients prefer silicone implants because of their natural look and feel and a lessened risk of rippling. Silicone implants are often a better choice for patients who are very thin or those undergoing breast reconstruction surgery.

A knowledgeable, experienced cosmetic surgeon

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