Dr. Andrew Provides Solutions for Asymmetrical Breasts

Dr. Andrew Provides Solutions for Asymmetrical Breasts

Many women come to me disheartened not by simply just the size of their breasts. Some women experience a discernible asymmetry between their two breasts.

Though this is a somewhat common condition, it can cause a myriad of challenges for women. Breast asymmetry often makes it difficult to wear certain clothing or even find a bra that fits well. Further, it can cause women to be self-conscious of their bodies and can even affect their personal lives.

However, the good news is that we have plastic surgery solutions for breast asymmetry. Read on to learn more.

What causes asymmetrical breasts?

When a woman’s breasts are two different sizes, forms or positions, this is known as breast asymmetry. This condition affects nearly half the population, but for some women, it is much more of a problem or much more noticeable than it is for others.

Many times, this difference in breast size happens during the pubescent years and resolves itself once breasts are fully developed. However, nearly a quarter of women experience visible breast asymmetry post-puberty.

While the cause of breast asymmetry is not completely known, there are a number of factors that can contribute to it, including hormones, injuries, and even spine curvature or scoliosis. Though slight differences in breast size is typically non-concerning, a difference of more than one cup size is certainly a cause of some amount of anguish for women.

Solutions for breast asymmetry in metro Detroit

The comforting news is that you don’t have to live with mismatched breasts. At our plastic surgery office in Bloomfield Hills, MI, we educate our patients on their best options for achieving fantastic results. During a consultation, we will discuss your concerns and the solutions we can offer.

Some patients wish to match their smaller breast with their larger breast. However, in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result, we may have to treat both breasts, including reducing the larger one and adding volume to the smaller breast. In other cases, we will add an implant (each of different size) to each breast for the most beautiful and natural-looking result.

By consulting with you, we are better able to address your specific needs as well as educate you on your best options.