Dysport Treatment Near You

Dysport Treatment Near You

Though facial wrinkles and lines are a normal part of aging, or what some would refer to as aging gracefully, with today’s advanced medical aesthetics treatments, you can choose to look as young as you feel!

Dysport is an FDA-approved neuromodulator that is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Most commonly, Dysport is used on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the corners of the eyes. Further, it can be used to soften vertical lip lines, neck band lines, lines on the nose (bunny lines) and even as a treatment for excessive underarm sweating and TMJ.

Dr. Lofman and his medical team have been treating patients with Dysport for years. As experts in cosmetic treatments and facial anatomy and aesthetics, they have helped countless people just like you achieve their facial aesthetic goals — and a renewed self-confidence — with injectable treatments, including Dysport.

Dysport treatments are highly popular for many reasons: the treatment is quick, results develop in about a week and last up to three months, there is little to no downtime involved, and treatments are comfortable and cost-effective.

In the past, a facelift was the only viable solution for achieving a younger-looking facial appearance. However, facelifts are expensive and require a plethora of aftercare and downtime. Not so with Dysport.

During your treatment, which lasts about a half hour, your injector will discuss your goals with you and make specific recommendations based on these goals and your unique skin needs. Typically, patients do not require the use off a numbing agent, but we can apply ice to the area to be injected or even topical numbing cream if needed.

Following your treatment, you can go back to virtually any daily activity. In fact, you can even visit us on your lunchbreak! However, you should avoid laying down or touching the injected area for four hours following your appointment.

Our goal is to always to provide patients with a natural-looking result; not a “frozen” appearance. It is key to understand that just because a medical professional can inject you, doesn’t mean he or she is highly experienced and skilled. Dr. Lofman and his staff come with an abundance of experience (over a decade) and have treated thousands of patients from head to toe. As experts in not only facial injectables, but also plastic surgery for the face and body, cosmetic skin treatments and more, your result is our top priority.

If you’re interested in a Dysport treatment, please contact Dr. Lofman’s office for your appointment.

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