The Effect of Breastfeeding on Your Breasts

The Effect of Breastfeeding on Your Breasts

Much can be said about the bond that develops between a mother and her baby as a result of breastfeeding. Additionally, many experts believe that the health benefits of breast milk are unmatched. According to the National Library of Medicine, breastfeeding is associated with many benefits — including the improvement of the child’s neurodevelopment.

However, rightfully so, many mothers are concerned with the effect that breastfeeding will have/has on their breasts, including the size and shape.

Read on to learn more about the toll breastfeeding can take and what you can do about it.

Loss of volume and lift

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can wreak havoc on women’s breasts, including leaving you with a loss of volume and lift. At the onset of pregnancy, breasts experience a variety of changes. First, they typically get larger as they prepare for breastfeeding. Nipples and areolas may turn darker in color, as well.

After having your baby, your breasts will likely get fuller and heavier due to an increased blood supply. As breasts increase in size, the surrounding ligaments stretch, which can lead to a droopier appearance.

For women who are experiencing breast sagging as a result of breastfeeding, sometimes a breast lift is the best solution, which does not require the use of an implant. This option can be optimal for women whose natural breast size is on the larger end. Women who are smaller busted may find a more viable solution is a lift with an augmentation with an implant, to enhance both size and shape.

Sometimes breastfeeding can leave you with breasts that are uneven in size or shape. A breast augmentation is a great way to address this and give breasts more symmetry. We strive to provide all patients with the best, most natural looking results based on your goals.

If you have completed breastfeeding and your breasts have, in fact, shrunk back to their final size, you may wish to explore breast lift and augmentation options in metro Detroit.

Breast augmentation popularity

For many women who have breastfed, a breast augmentation is an effective solution to returning their breasts to their pre-pregnancy shape — or even a more optimal look than they had before.

Breast augmentation in metro Detroit, in Michigan and around the world is consistently ranked as the most popular plastic surgery procedure. This indicates that women everywhere are choosing to take control of their bodies to gain the confidence they desire.

In fact, studies show that breast augmentation is the most performed cosmetic procedure in America. The same is true here. Dr. Andrew Lofman is known as a premier breast augmentation plastic surgeon in southeast Michigan and is proud to have helped hundreds of women feel their best in their bodies.

Many women who have breastfed choose to see Dr. Andrew Lofman to reconstruct their breasts to a fuller shape and an overall more lifted, youthful appearance. A consultation can determine if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation as well as what your options are in terms of implant size and type.

A surgeon who understands

Dr. Andrew Lofman understands the unique concerns of women. His compassionate nature combined with his many professional accolades are what have given him a great name in the industry.

Having trained with some of the most elite surgeons around the world, Dr. Andrew Lofman also brings with him a wealth of experience and he is a tireless advocate for patient education and safety.

If you’re looking for the best board certified plastic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation, please contact us today for a consultation appointment. We look forward to guiding you on your breast augmentation journey.