Facial Aesthetic Procedures Becoming More Common and Less “Hush-Hush”

Facial Aesthetic Procedures Becoming More Common

In the past, cosmetic procedures — both invasive and noninvasive — have had a bit of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” air about them. Today, though, with plastic surgery booming across the globe and more and more demand for noninvasive treatments like dermal fillers, the “hush-hush” aspect of these treatment are starting to go by the wayside.

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What’s trending in cosmetic treatments

For most of us, there’s something about our appearance that we wish we could change. For some, it may be wanting larger breasts, others a bit less fat in certain trouble spots, and other still may wish to regain volume in their faces, which can diminish with age.

The good news is there are solutions for nearly every facial and body concern. The even better news is that cosmetic treatments are becoming more and more mainstream for people of all ages, making it a less “taboo” subject than that of the past.

Younger people, in particular, are realizing the benefits of what experts call “prejuvenation.” This finding is from The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s annual survey. The idea of prejuvenation is that a younger generation of adults is educating themselves on solutions for aging — and undergoing preventative and corrective treatments like facial injectables before the age of 30, including dermal filler. The survey notes that as millennials enter adulthood, the demand for cosmetic treatments grows.

Cosmetic surgery and dermal filler in metro Detroit

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A plastic surgeon who delivers outstanding results

Dr. Andrew Lofman is a renowned plastic surgeon in southeast Michigan. He has helped thousands of patients achieve the bodies and self-confidence they desire through cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery.

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