Kybella Treatment Near You

Kybella Treatment Near You

Are you frustrated with a double chin? Do you shy away from photos because of excess fat under the chin that simply won’t budge?

Truth be told, nearly 70 percent of men and women are concerned about their double chin. Oftentimes, this area is resistant to exercise and dieting, and can even be cause by genetics. Previously, only surgical treatments could remove the fat in this area. But now, there’s Kybella.

Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable that permanently destroys fat cells under the chin, restoring your face to a more toned contour. Comprised of deoxycholic acid, which is a material that is made by the body, Kybella is unique in that it involves only injections, no incisions. The treatment is fairly quick (about an hour) and the unwanted fat is not only removed, the area is prevented from fat storage in the future.

During your treatment, a grid is applied to the treatment area so that the injector can precisely inject Kybella. You may feel a slight burning sensation when being injected, which is totally normal. Only the submental fat in the area is targeted; surrounding tissue is left intact. In addition to under the chin, Kybella can treat other small pockets of fat on the body, such as armpit and knee fat and more.

You can expect swelling in the area for up to a week after your treatment. Most patients will need two to three treatments for maximum results. Kybella is safe and fast, and you can return to your daily activities following your treatment. Results are gradual but also long-lasting.

Dr. Andrew Lofman’s office specializes in Kybella in metro Detroit and has helped people just like you regain confidence in their appearance. His Michigan plastic surgery office has been treating patients with both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for over a decade. Dr. Lofman — an award-winning plastic surgeon in southeast Michigan — leads his highly skilled team and offers only the most advanced and safest FDA-approved treatments and products. Rest assured that your safety, education and satisfaction with your results is our top priority.

As experts in both the facial and body anatomy, Dr. Lofman and his staff have been helping patients achieve maximum self-confidence through cosmetic treatments for years. Whether you’re searching for the best in injectable treatments, laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, liposuction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover or eyelid lift, we can help.

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