Comfortable Breast Augmentation Recovery

Make Your Michigan Breast Augmentation Recovery Comfortable

When deciding upon undergoing a breast augmentation, most patients have done their due diligence. Researching board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in breast augmentation, a consultation during which all of their questions have been answered, as well as taking the proper time off of work to recover are all great steps to take.

However, I always recommend that my patients think beyond the surgery and are as prepared as possible for a comfortable recovery to follow. Here are some tips that can help you do just that.

Turn your home into a sanctuary

While you may not feel like you’re at a spa when you return home from your surgery, you can prepare your surroundings ahead of time to be as comfortable and convenient as possible. You’ll want to ensure that your bed and couch have several bed pillows that can prop you up while you are recovering. I recommend that patients sit up as much as possible rather than lay down flat, particularly in the first week post-surgery.

Also, keep any necessities nearby on a night stand or coffee table, including things like medication, your phone and phone charger, bottled water, tissues, lip balm, the television remote control, reading material or anything else you will need to limit moving around initially.

And since you’ll be recovering at home for at least a week, it never hurts to have soothing music and relaxing scents like lavender on hand, as well.

Gather a support team

Whether you are surrounded by a host of family and friends or just a few people, I suggest sharing your recovery ahead of time with a couple of people with whom you are close. It’s always nice to have someone check in on you when you are recovering, as well as having someone on call should you need something. For example, you may need assistance with driving children to school or other activities, as you cannot drive while on pain medication. Further, simple tasks like walking the dog can be difficult at first. Planning to have a trusted friend help you out can take stress off of you and help you recover your best.

Stock your home with necessities

Whether you are single, married or have children, if you are the one who typically prepares meals for your household (and yourself), you will want to plan them out ahead of time. I suggest cooking several meals the day before your surgery and freezing them for easy access. Also, stocking the freezer with nourishing frozen meals if you’re in a pinch can be helpful. Having grab-and-go foods like fresh and canned fruit and high-fiber crackers with hummus is also a good idea (fiber can help aid in any constipation you may experience from pain medication). Also, I recommend freezing several ice packs, as you will need these during your recovery.

Rely on us

I like to remind my patients that we are just a phone call away and here to support them every step of the way before, during and after any procedure. Known as a highly reputable plastic surgeon in metro Detroit, I am pleased that our team has been able to help so many women achieve their body goals through breast augmentation in southeast Michigan.

If you are considering breast augmentation, I invite you to set up a consultation to learn about your options. We look forward to helping you.