Male Breast Reduction Michigan

Male breast Reduction Michigan

Male breast Reduction in Michigan

We all want to feel secure and confident in our own skin. But for many men, excess fat in the chest/pectoral area is a struggle. This area can often be resistant to exercise and diet, particularly for those suffering with gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is a condition in which the male breast glandular tissue is enlarged. This typically occurs during infancy and even puberty and can be a result of imbalanced hormones or a side effect of certain medications.

This excess tissue can leave men with a feminine chest appearance and, many times, the only solution is a male breast reduction.

Male breast reductions in Michigan

Dr. Andrew Lofman is an expert in gynecomastia treatment in metro Detroit. Many patients who see Dr. Andrew for a male breast reduction are fit and healthy yet struggle with firming the chest area. As an elite Michigan plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew has helped countless men and women look and feel their best with plastic surgery treatments.

A male breast reduction is a common plastic surgery procedure that reduces the fat and tissue in the chest. Through a combination of liposuction and the removal of glandular tissue, Dr. Andrew can sculpt a more toned and tightened appearance to the male chest. The treatment is done under general anesthesia to keep patients comfortable and generally takes two to three hours. Most patients can return to everyday activities within a few days and the result is a more masculine look and heightened confidence.

Double board-certified plastic surgeon in metro Detroit

Plastic surgery for men is more popular than ever before. And Dr. Andrew’s southeast Michigan plastic surgery office offers a wide variety of treatments for men and women alike. From liposuction to tummy tucks to facial enhancement and more, Dr. Andrew’s extensive experience, training and education set him apart in the industry.

Focusing on delivering remarkable results, Dr. Andrew remains at the cutting edge of his industry and uses only the most advanced tools and treatments. His priority is to educate patients on treatments that will be most effective for them so that they can make informed decisions about cosmetic surgery treatments.

As a compassionate surgeon, Dr. Andrew and his staff always ensure patients are comfortable and safe from the moment they walk into his office and throughout surgery and the healing process.

If you are a male struggling with the appearance of your chest, Dr. Andrew invites you to contact his office for a consultation.