Breast Augmentation Canton MI

Dr. Andrew Lofman is a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction surgeries. Breast augmentations are the most common types of cosmetic surgery in Canton, MI, and Dr. Lofman has helped thousands of women in the area achieve their body goals. Whether your breasts have decreased in size or they were never the size you wanted in general, we have a solution that’s right for you.

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  • See What Your New Breasts Will Look Like With Implants You Can Try On
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Your journey starts with a consultation with Dr. Lofman at our office near Canton, MI. Call (248) 540-2100 to schedule an appointment, and our friendly office staff will get you set up.

Case Study: Breast Augmentation In Canton, MI

These are real photos of a 27 year old female from Canton, Michigan. She wanted a breast augmentation to increase from a full B cup but to a full C or small D cup.  Dr. Lofman used Mentor 375cc Smooth Round High Profile Silicone Gel implants to achieve this size increase. The patient had some glandular ptosis, so the doctor placed her implants in a dual plane position.