Breast Lift Midland MI

If you are interested in getting a breast lift in Midland, MI, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Andrew Lofman is a board certified plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience. He works with each patient one-on-one to determine the best cosmetic surgery plan for their needs. Enjoy the benefits of…

  • Improved Self-Confidence With A Young, Natural-Looking Figure
  • Breast Asymmetry Correction So Your Chest Looks Even
  • Perky Breasts That Accentuate Your Beautiful Curves
  • Optional Implants Or Breast Reductions To Give You The Ideal Breast Size For Your Body
  • Friendly, Compassionate Service Every Step Of The Way

Everything starts with a consultation at our Midland, MI plastic surgery center. Call (248) 540-2100 to set up your first appointment with breast lift specialist Dr. Lofman.

Breast Lift Before And After Photos In Midland, MI

These are actual before and after photos of a breast lift patient in Midland, MI. She was a 25 year old female whose breasts were almost a full cup size apart in size. Dr. Lofman placed a Mentor 350cc High Profile Smooth Round Silicone Gel implant in a sub muscular position on the right, and a 300cc Moderate Plus Smooth Round Silicone Gel implant on the left.  He also did a circumareolar lift on both sides to correct the asymmetry.