Breast Lift Novi MI

Do your breasts hang lower than you would like them to? This may be the result of a number of issues, from having large breasts to childbirth to aging and more. While most of these causes are beyond your control, there are cosmetic surgery solutions out there to help. With a breast lift from our Novi, MI plasic surgery office, you can:

  • Lift Your Breasts So They Look Perky And Youthful
  • Augment Or Reduce Your Breast Size, Depending On Your Needs
  • Correct Breast Asymmetry (Lopsided Breasts)
  • Remove Excess Skin Near Your Breasts
  • Increase Your Overall Self-Confidence

Contact our office at (248) 540-2100 to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Lofman. He is a board certified plastic surgeon in Novi, MI who truly cares about your wellbeing. The appointment is no obligation.

Check Out These Real Results From A Breast Lift In Novi, MI

This is a 40 year old female from Novi, MI who wanted a breast lift with implants. She received Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus profile Silicone Gel implants in a sub muscular position, and Dr. Lofman corrected her asymmetry during her breast lift. This patient received a 300cc implant on the right side and a 325cc implant on the left. She also got a circumareolar lift.