Breast Reduction Grand Rapids MI

Breast reduction is a suitable option for women with large, heavy or uncomfortable breasts. This surgery often includes a breast lift to correct the effects of sagging. Dr. Lofman has over a decade of experience working with breast reduction patients in Grand Rapids, MI, and his work is highly recommended by local doctors and hospitals. As a patient of his, you will get:

  • A No Obligation Consultation To Plan Out Your Breast Reduction
  • Easy Insurance Filing, When Applicable (Most Breast Reductions Are Covered By Insurance)
  • Reduced Shoulder And Back Pain
  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • Decreased Nipple Size To Match Your Smaller, Perkier Breasts

Dr. Lofman takes time to figure out each of his patient’s personal needs. He will recommend the best plastic surgery solutions for you. Call his office at (248) 540-2100 to learn more about breast reduction in Grand Rapids, MI.

Before And After Photos Of A Breast Reduction In Grand Rapids, MI

These are actual before and after photos of a 69 year old breast reduction patient in Grand Rapids, MI. She had size D breasts and wanted them to be smaller and lifted. Dr. Lofman was able to reduce the size of her breasts and eliminate some pain she was experiencing.