Breast Reduction Livonia MI

Getting a breast reduction is about much more than changing a woman’s appearance. This can eliminate chronic back pain, shoulder pain, rashes, breast sores, and much more. If your breasts are large, heavy, and uncomfortable, Dr. Lofman has a solution for you. With our Livonia, MI plastic surgery office, you will get:

  • A One-On-One Consultation With A Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeon
  • Recommendations For The Best Procedures For Your Body (Breast Lift, Asymmetry Correction, Etc.)
  • Amazing Results From A Board-Certified Surgeon You Can Trust
  • Affordable Cosmetic Surgery – Breast Reductions Are Often Covered By Health Insurance
  • More Confidence And A Better Quality Of Life

It all starts with a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Lofman. Call our office at (248) 540-2100 to schedule a breast reduction consultation in Livonia, MI.

See What An Actual Breast Reduction Looks Like In Livonia, MI

This is a 35 year old woman who wanted a breast reduction for her size D breasts. She wanted her breasts to sit higher and look perkier. Dr. Lofman also corrected her asymmetry during the surgery so her breasts were even and natural looking.