Breast Reduction Sterling Heights MI

Are you in need of a breast reduction surgery? If so, you have come to the right place. Dr. Andrew Lofman has over a decade of experience in plastic surgery, including breast lifts, breast reductions, breast augmentations, and more. At his office in Sterling Heights, MI, you will get:

  • A One-On-One Consultation With Dr. Lofman
  • A Personalized Breast Reduction Plan Tailored To Your Personal Needs
  • Complete Insurance Filing, When Applicable – 95% Of Breast Reductions In Sterling Heights, MI Are Covered By Insurance
  • Complete Aftercare Instructions To Ensure Top-Quality Results
  • Peace Of Mind Knowing That You’re In Great Hands

Dr. Lofman is highly recommended by doctors and healthcare facilities in Sterling Heights, MI. to learn more about breast reduction services or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, call (248) 540-2100.

Check Out These Real Results From A Breast Reduction Patient In Sterling Heights, MI

This patient was a 31 year old female with DDD breasts. She had consistent back and neck pain because of her breast size. After her breast reduction, she saw a noticeable improvement in her pain and discomfort.