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Breast Reduction Surgeons in Bloomfield Hills - Southeast Michigan

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Breast Reduction surgery is a procedure that reduces the weight and size of a woman’s breast as well as providing lift and reduction in the size of the areolas. Women with large, sagging breasts often develop neck pain, back pain, improper posture, shoulder grooving, bra strap indentations, severe irritation underneath their breasts, and rashes in their breast fold (intertrigo). Furthermore, large breasts can make finding properly fitting clothing and exercising difficult for women.

As one of the best breast reduction surgeons in Bloomfield Hills and throughout northeast Michigan, Dr. Lofman takes great pride in artistically creating youthful, symmetric, and perky breasts during every surgery. Therefore, after a breast reduction, all of these symptoms typically resolve.

An Experience For Your Needs


  • Friendly, supportive, individualized patient care
  • Simple and easy financing
  • No-obligation consultation
  • Custom breast reduction plans for your body type and lifestyle
  • Healthy, natural-looking results

What it Treats

  • Large breasts
  • Asymmetrical breasts

How it Works

From start to finish, expect the best. Each patient and each procedure are unique, which is why Dr. Lofman approaches each breast reduction as a new opportunity to help you achieve your goals.

Step 1. Consultation

Beginning with your consultation, Dr. Lofman walks you through your available options and discusses your specific goals for the breast reduction process.


Step 2. Surgical Treatment

Dr. Lofman places most incisions in areas that bras and bathing suit tops can hide. In addition, the scars tend to fade into thin white lines over time.

Step 3. Results

During the surgery, Dr. Lofman removes excess breast skin, fat, and tissue, and he shapes the remaining tissue into smaller, perkier shaped breasts.

Treatment Results


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