Gynecomastia Surgery in Michigan

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We all want to feel secure and confident in our own skin. But for many men, excess fatty tissue in the chest/pectoral area is a struggle. This area can often be resistant to exercise and diet, particularly for those suffering with gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia surgery in Michigan is a common plastic surgery procedure that reduces the fat and tissue in the chest. It’s also known as a “male breast reduction.” Through a combination of liposuction and the removal of glandular tissue, Dr. Andrew Lofman can sculpt a more toned and tightened appearance to the male chest.

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What it Treats

  • Male breasts

How it Works

Better service, better care, better results. Each step of the way, Dr. Lofman and his friendly, knowledgeable staff keep the entire process focused on your unique needs and desires.

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Step 1. Consultation

Beginning with your no-obligation consultation, Dr. Lofman walks you through your available options and discusses your specific goals for your gynecomastia surgery in Michigan.


Step 2. Surgical Treatment

Dr. Lofman often uses liposuction to remove excess fat. He may also remove any excess glandular tissue during the male breast reduction procedure.

Step 3. Results

Most patients can return to everyday activities within a few days after their gynecomastia surgery in Michigan, and the result is a more masculine look and heightened confidence.

Gynecomastia Results


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