Tummy Tuck in Michigan

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Tummy tuck procedures, also referred to as abdominoplasty, are one of several popular services provided to patients like you at Lofman Plastic Surgery of Michigan. Each patient and each tummy tuck procedure is unique, as are your body goals and expectations for the process.

Designing a treatment plan that meets those expectations and helps you achieve exactly the results you are looking for begins by meeting with you for an in-depth consultation. Dr. Andrew Lofman and his staff are dedicated to keeping the entire process focused on your needs, and they devote their efforts to providing you with a comfortable environment where you can consider your options and receive the best tummy tuck in Michigan.

Ideal Tummy Tuck Results for Your Goals


  • In-depth consultation
  • Specialized, personalized patient care
  • Simple, easy financing
  • Custom tummy tucks for your body type and lifestyle
  • Healthy, natural-looking results

What it Treats

  • Loose Skin
  • Excess Fat

How it Works

Individual, natural-looking tummy tuck results. Throughout the process, Dr. Lofman and his team discuss your goals and needs with you, learning more about what you hope to gain from your custom tummy tuck.

Step 1. Consultation

Dr. Lofman begins each tummy tuck procedure with the most important first step—learning more about you and your goals. The in-depth consultation offered by Dr. Lofman is an ideal opportunity to learn more about what a tummy tuck in Michigan entails, and also to consider your options and designing the right procedure to fit your needs.

Step 2. Surgical Treatment

Once you and Dr. Lofman review and select the ideal plan, you are on your way to enjoying the highest level of tummy tuck service and satisfaction available in the state of Michigan. During the procedure, Dr. Lofman removes extra fat and skin from the abdominal region, re-draping the area for a firmer midsection.

Step 3. Recovery

After your procedure, walking may be difficult for the first few days and your stomach may feel swollen. You must wear a compression garment for six weeks, but typically you can return to light activities and desk work within the first week. Most patients make a full recovery from their tummy tuck within 6 months.

Step 4. Results

After your tummy tuck procedure and recovery process is complete, you will enjoy a more toned, fit stomach you simply couldn’t achieve even with years of diet and exercise.

Michigan Tummy Tuck Results


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