How To Choose The Right Breast Augmentation Surgeon For You

When choosing a breast augmentation surgeon, you want to feel prepared, confident, and in the right hands. Trusting a medical professional with your care and your body is an important decision that should affect you positively.

As a provider of premier plastic and reconstructive surgery for over 20 years, here is Plastic Surgery Center of Michigan’s guide to choosing the right breast augmentation surgeon for you and what to expect from your experience.

Things to consider when choosing a breast augmentation surgeon

As with most elective procedures, there are many things to consider when choosing a provider, and those things may change from patient to patient. To help you get started, here are our suggestions for things to keep in mind when considering a breast augmentation surgeon:


Just like artists don’t create pieces in every medium, not every plastic surgeon specializes in breast augmentation. Different parts of the body require different techniques, approaches, and expertise to create tailored results.

Dr. Andrew Lofman is board certified and has over 20 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He specializes in breast augmentation and is one of Michigan’s most experienced and trusted providers.

For the past 10 years and counting, Dr. Lofman carries the title of “Top Plastic Surgeon” by the Consumer Research Council of America. He is also annually listed among the “Top Docs” in Hour Magazine since 2019.

Most importantly, Dr. Lofman demonstrates his expertise by providing personalized care and beyond satisfactory results. He takes careful time to understand his patients’ wants and needs to make their dreams a reality.


More than exceptional surgical technique, what makes a breast augmentation surgeon truly outstanding is their approach to customized care.

Dr. Lofman’s unique approach is built on personalizing your breast augmentation surgery to you at every step of the process.

Step 1: Consultation

The consultation is an important step in assessing your breast augmentation goals, and making decisions about size, shape, and feel before your procedure. Dr. Lofman, consults with each of his patients personally to discuss your expectations and guide you through the decision-making process.

At this step, it can be helpful to bring in a photo for reference during your consultation appointment! Think of it like bringing a Pinterest photo to your hair appointment. It helps your breast augmentation surgeon know exactly what you want and you can be sure your goals are clearly understood.

Step 2: Surgery

Your care team should walk you through everything you can expect and how to prepare for your surgery day on the day of your consultation. When it comes time for your procedure, your breast augmentation surgeon should ensure you are totally relaxed and at ease.

Dr. Lofman and his team will walk you through the day with patience and care and create the most comfortable and enjoyable process for your breast augmentation surgery. We want you to feel completely at ease when you’re here; that’s what our practice is all about.

Step 3: Results

The results of every breast augmentation procedure will vary based on your surgeon, your body, your choice of implants, techniques used, and more.

Dr. Lofman is a renowned regional breast augmentation surgeon who takes great pride in his work. He takes the care and time both before and during surgery to make sure that your breast augmentation results exceed your expectations and leave you more confident than ever.

While you may experience some pain and swelling directly after your procedure, you can expect fuller, rounder breasts and extremely minimal scarring after your recovery.


On the topic of results, a great way to vet a breast augmentation surgeon is to look at the results of their past procedures and reviews from their previous patients. As every seasoned surgeon should, Dr. Lofman has these things available to prospective patients.


Just like results, pricing will vary depending on the breast augmentation surgeon you choose as well. Keep in mind that when it comes to the cost of your procedure, you’re also paying for the level of training and experience of your surgeon as well.

You should think of selecting a plastic surgeon like you would vet any other medical provider. You don’t want just anybody, you want someone who is proven in their technical knowledge, skills, and successfulness.

When considering the price of a breast augmentation, it’s all about balancing your priorities. How important is price to you as compared to your results and your experience?

If you’re interested in financing your breast augmentationPlastic Surgery Center of Michigan has tools available for you.


The best thing you can do to speed up your recovery after a breast augmentation is to follow your surgeon’s instructions and prepare yourself for the post-surgery period.

Just like they guide you through the surgery process, Dr. Lofman and his care team will walk with you through recovery. You’ll receive explicit instructions on appropriate garments, cleaning supplies, mobility exercises and more.

Here are some easy ways to prepare yourself for recovery before your procedure day:

  • Make sure you have a support system in place.
  • Prepare a recovery station in your home with all of your essentials close by.
  • Prepare your post-surgery wardrobe with appropriate bras and loose-fitting tops.

What to expect from your breast augmentation surgeon

Breast augmentation uses implants placed under the breast tissue to enlarge the shape and size of your chest. Implants can be made of different materials, and come in many shapes and sizes to make your augmentation fully customizable to your body goals.

There are different surgical techniques your breast augmentation surgeon can employ that limit scarring and lengthy recovery periods. Let’s break it down into steps.


Because breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, your anesthetist will administer either general or local anesthesia for your comfort as a patient. You and your breast augmentation surgeon will discuss which option is better suited for you and your procedure.


There are three commonly used incision sites for breast augmentation procedures.

  1. Periareolar: along the bottom edge of the areola
  2. Inframammary: along the fold underneath the breast
  3. Axillary: in the armpit

Your surgeon’s choice of incision is based upon many factors, including implant type, implant size, patient lifestyle, desired outcome, and more. It’s important to talk through your options with your surgeon and come up with a customized plan.


This is where the surgeon will place the implants through the chosen incision site. The implant is placed either in the pocket behind the pectoral muscle, or over the pectoral muscle underneath the breast tissue.

Where the implant is placed depends on the type and size of your implants, and also the amount of naturally occurring breast tissue.


After your implants are placed, your breast augmentation surgeon will close the incisions using sutures, skin adhesive, or surgical tape, depending on the type of incision. As your body heals, the scars at the incision sites will naturally fade.

The different types of breast implants

Breast augmentation is far from a one-size-fits-all procedure. There are many different types of breast implants. At your consultation, your breast augmentation surgeon will help you choose the material, shape, size, density, and fee of your implant.

This customization not only helps you feel more confident in your surgery results, it lets you create a breast size and feel that matches your lifestyle, body type, and desired look.


Saline implants consist of a shell or casing filled with sterile salt water. Saline is a popular option for patients looking for a uniform shape, feel, or firmness.


Structured saline implants are filled with the same sterile salt water solution as regular saline implants, but they also contain an inner structure designed to make the breast appear and feel more natural.


Silicone is a popular option for people looking for a very natural feel that mimics breast tissue.


Yes, it’s a real thing! Gummy bear implants are thicker and firmer than traditional gel implants, so they maintain their shape without a casing or shell. Gummy bear implants are also more projected on the bottom and more tapered toward the top, mimicking a natural breast shape.


Round breast implants are the same shape all the way around, like a sphere. These are perfect for someone looking for a fuller, more high-profile breast enhancement.


Smooth breast implants are the softest options of all in terms of firmness. They are smooth to the touch, so they mimic natural breast movement by moving within the breast pocket.

Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation


Each type of breast augmentation implant will provide a unique shape, size, and feel to your chest. When choosing which kind is right for you, it’s important to consider your desired results. Would you prefer them to be more firm or more soft? More round or more tapered? Every patient’s preference will fall somewhere different on the scale.

Your breast augmentation surgeon in Michigan will help you translate your preferences into a unique size and type of implant to achieve your goals.


When trying to combat sagging breast or skin laxity, it may make sense for your breast augmentation surgeon to combine your procedure with a breast lift.

The breast lift procedure can also correct asymmetry in breast shape or nipple placement, and reverse the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding.


In the case of gender reassignment surgery, Dr. Lofman will perform a breast reconstruction. This procedure is similar to a breast augmentation, but designed for patients with no existing breast tissue, like in the case of gender transition or even mastectomy.


Yes. Augmentation refers to enlargement. Your surgeon will perform a breast reduction to reduce the weight and size of your breasts. An experienced surgeon can make your breasts smaller without sacrificing the shape or lift.

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