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Eyelid Surgery in Oakland County With Dr. Andrew Lofman

While aging is unavoidable, rejuvenation treatments like eyelid surgery can help you look more alert and refreshed. Thousands of patients choose blepharoplasty every year to remove droopy upper eyelid skin, puffy undereye bags, and even clear obstructed vision. Eyelid surgery can transform a tired, sad appearance into a youthful, rejuvenated look. 

If you’re ready to improve your confidence and quality of life with this straightforward procedure, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Lofman is ready to work with you. Dr. Lofman has 20 years of experience in creating consistently natural-looking results, making him the best eyelid lift surgeon in Michigan. 

Open your eyes with blepharoplasty surgery in Oakland County, MI. Contact Plastic Surgery of Michigan at (248) 540-2100 or complete our online form to schedule your consultation today. At our Novi office, we serve plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery patients Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County, and throughout Michigan.

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What Is Eyelid Surgery?

During eyelid surgery in Michigan, Dr. Lofman removes excess skin and fat and tightens muscles of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. A talented blepharoplasty surgeon can also address functional problems when the eyelid skin droops significantly enough to impair your vision. Dr. Lofman uses well-concealed incisions in the natural creases of the upper eyelids or below the lash line of the lower lids.

Eyelid lift surgery helps improve the appearance of:

What Are the Benefits of Eyelid Surgery?

Sagging upper eyelids and heavy bags beneath your eyes can make you look tired, sad, angry, or older. Eyelid surgery can help renew your appearance for youthful rejuvenation. It can also clear obstructed vision, so tasks like reading and driving will become easier.

Your eyelid surgery goals are unique, and you deserve a plastic surgeon who will design a procedural plan based on your needs. Dr. Lofman and his staff focus on your specific concerns while maintaining a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

After your personalized eyelid lift surgery, you will look younger and happier, along with advantages like these:

  • Brighter, more alert eyes
  • Raised eyebrows 
  • Decreased sagging and puffiness in your lower lids
  • Smoothed wrinkles around the eye area
  • Healthy, natural-looking results

You may want to pair your blepharoplasty with a brow lift or facelift for full facial rejuvenation. View our gallery for eyelid surgery before-and-after photos.

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Whether you’re just seeking information about procedures like Botox®breast augmentationliposuctiontummy tuck or a mommy makeover, Dr. Lofman will provide you with the understanding and direction you need to accomplish your dreams in the Detroit, Michigan area.

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Dr. Lofman discussing implant resize with patient

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid lift surgery candidates in Michigan are people with significant signs of aging around the eyes. These patients want to look more vibrant with long-lasting facial rejuvenation.

Patient education is the pillar of Dr. Lofman’s practice. He will help you navigate the steps involved in your customized eyelid lift procedure to ensure a comfortable experience from consultation to post-op.

Dr. Lofman recommends Oakland County eyelid lift candidates should:

Why Work With Dr. Lofman as Your Michigan Eyelid Surgeon?

As a gifted facial plastic surgeon with more than two decades of experience, Dr. Lofman takes pride in using his talents to help people look and feel their best. He enjoys getting to know his patients on a personal level, ensuring they feel heard and valued at every stage of the process. He understands that the decision to get plastic surgery can be intimidating, so he will carefully explain everything this procedure entails and answer all your questions until you are comfortable. Dr. Lofman will never pressure you to make any choices.

Dr. Lofman will conduct a thorough examination of your face, eye region, and other areas of concern to determine the best surgical approach. Dr. Lofman will also:

Outstanding Results

Beautiful Outcomes Tailored To You

What Can I Expect During Eyelid Surgery?

While each Michigan blepharoplasty patient will have a unique experience, here are some general steps to expect.

Before Surgery

Plan to arrive at the hospital or surgery center an hour before your eyelid surgery procedure. After our team checks you in, Dr. Lofman will ensure you are comfortable, answer any last-minute questions, review crucial details, and perform surgical markings. Once your local or general anesthesia takes effect, Dr. Lofman will begin your eyelid lift surgery in Oakland County.

During Surgery

During your eyelid lift surgery, Dr. Lofman will create small, well-concealed incisions within the natural eyelid structure. Through these incisions, he will remove or reposition fat, tighten muscles, and remove the extra skin. 

Eyelid surgeries typically take one to two hours.


After blepharoplasty, you will need to keep your eyes well-lubricated and apply ointment to the incisions. You will experience swelling, bruising, and discoloration for at least a week to 10 days after your eyelid surgery. Also, you may experience sensitivity to light, blurred vision, or frequent tearing, but these effects typically subside after a month. To minimize eye strain, spend your recovery period resting quietly with your eyes closed. 

How Soon Will I See My Eyelid Surgery Results?

You may experience pain, swelling, and significant bruising that may lead you to take at least two weeks of social downtime. However, your results will appear as the swelling and bruising subside, leaving your eyes looking smoother, younger, and more alert. 

Following your blepharoplasty, sun protection is crucial. Avoid squinting by wearing dark sunglasses when sun exposure is unavoidable. Your eyelid surgery in Michigan results should last several years with proper skin care and sun protection.

Renew Your Appearance With Eyelid Surgery

Get ready to renew your look with Dr. Lofman, one of the top facial plastic surgeons in Michigan. You’ll love the results you get by partnering with Plastic Surgery of Michigan. Contact Plastic Surgery of Michigan at (248) 540-2100 or complete our online form to schedule your breast augmentation consultation today.


Novi, MI, Eyelid Surgery

After your eyelid lift, you should avoid:

  • Showering for at least 48 hours, or as directed by Dr. Lofman
  • Reading or watching TV for two to three days
  • Wearing contact lenses until your incisions heal
  • Bending at the waist for at least five days

Plan to take at least one to two weeks off work – possibly more if your job involves lots of screen time.

Don’t do any strenuous activities, including exercising and heavy lifting, for at least four to six weeks following surgery. You can take gentle walks to stimulate your circulation and speed your recovery as soon as you feel well enough to do so.

Other eyelid rejuvenation techniques that can stand alone or combine with your eyelid lift include the following.

  • Dermal fillers: For non-surgical lower eyelid rejuvenation, dermal fillers restore volume to the tear troughs and soften the lid-cheek junction. 
  • Laser resurfacing: Laser treatments can improve the color, texture, and tone of the eyelid area.
  • Skin-pinch blepharoplasty: Remove a small amount of excess skin of the lower eyelid with an inconspicuous incision beneath the lash line.
  • Transconjunctival blepharoplasty: Remove excess lower eyelid fat without external incisions.
  • Autologous fat grafts: For tear trough and volume loss, fat harvested from elsewhere on your body can fill these hollows.
  • Lower eyelid fat repositioning: Tightening the lower lid support mechanisms reduces puffiness and increases and maintains youthfulness without removing fat.