Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Michigan With Dr. Andrew Lofman

The ICON laser is a highly effective way to reduce unwanted hair with just a few easy treatments. With laser hair removal in Michigan, say goodbye to shaving, waxing, and painful electrolysis! This light-based laser targets and destroys cells that grow hair without damaging the surrounding skin. The best part? Our experts at Pure Aesthetics of Michigan can do the treatment in mere minutes!

Hair grows in three stages, so during your treatment, only certain follicles can be targeted. Therefore we recommend a series of treatments, typically three to six to evenly treat the entire area. The Cynosure hair removal treatment is safe for every skin type, light or dark, and works on a wide variety of hair colors. Treatments are comfortable and patients typically see a decrease in hair thickness and amount as a result, along with the elimination of stubble, ingrown hairs, and uncomfortable rashes.

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Laser Hair Removal Overview

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15 minutes

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What Can I Expect From My Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

The first step in your laser hair removal journey is to schedule a consultation. We will discuss your concerns and options, then find the ideal solution for your goals, budget, and lifestyle.

The technology behind the Cynosure destroys hair cells that cause hair growth, all without harming the surrounding area. Hair grows in three stages, so during your treatment, only certain follicles can be targeted.

As time passes, you will notice a hair reduction in the treated areas. For the best results from laser hair removal in Michigan, we recommend returning for regular maintenance treatments yearly.