Facelift in Oakland County With Dr. Andrew Lofman

Facial changes are inevitable with age. Gravity, environmental exposure, and genetics can adversely affect your appearance. Though aging is unavoidable, a facelift procedure can reverse some of the effects of time and make you look a decade younger or more. A Michigan facelift targets issues such as wrinkles and skin laxity in your mid- and lower face to restore your youthful appearance for a dramatic transformation.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Lofman is ready to partner with you on your rejuvenation journey. With more than two decades of extensive surgical experience, Dr. Lofman creates outstanding outcomes for all his patients, making him a leading facelift provider. 

Trust your appearance and self-confidence to one of the best facelift surgeons in Michigan. Contact Plastic Surgery of Michigan at (248) 540-2100 or complete our online form to schedule your consultation today. At our Novi office, we serve plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery patients Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County, and throughout Michigan.

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What Is a Facelift?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that helps improve the visible signs of aging in the face and neck. When performing facelift surgery, Dr. Lofman aims to restore your look without changing your essential appearance. 

At Plastic Surgery of Michigan, we offer customized facelifts for men and women. This surgery can tighten skin, smooth jowls, and reduce and sometimes eliminate deep-set facial wrinkles. By combining a facelift with an autologous fat transfer, many patients can even restore volume loss simultaneously. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Lofman can address skin laxity and tighten underlying tissues.

With a customized approach, each Michigan facelift will address your distinct concerns, including:

Facelift results include a sleeker, youthful profile. You can choose  other procedures to your facelift for more comprehensive results, including:

What Are the Benefits of Facelift Surgery?

You deserve to look and feel your best. Slow down the aging process and reclaim your youthful appearance with the best facelift in Michigan.  Following Michigan’s best facelift, most patients look 10 to 15 years younger and feel more vibrant. Dr. Lofman customizes rhytidectomy procedures for each patient, treating men and women from all parts of Michigan. 

After your facelift, you can expect:

  • Tightened, visibly younger-looking skin 
  • Sleeker contours
  • Restored volume
  • Removed sagging skin
  • Enhanced overall tone
  • Long-lasting results

Under the skilled hands of Dr. Lofman, you don’t have to worry about someone noticing you have had work done. Dr. Lofman consistently delivers natural-looking facelift results to enhance your appearance. View our gallery for real facelift before-and-after photos of Dr. Lofman’s facelift patients.

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Whether you’re just seeking information about procedures like Botox®breast augmentationliposuctiontummy tuck or a mommy makeover, Dr. Lofman will provide you with the understanding and direction you need to accomplish your dreams in the Detroit, Michigan area.

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Dr. Lofman discussing implant resize with patient

Am I an Ideal Candidate for a Facelift?

Michigan facelift candidates are women and men in good overall health who are looking for a more youthful appearance by improving the physical signs of facial aging with effective, long-lasting results.

Facelifts are a preventive measure that can significantly improve your overall sense of wellness, self-esteem, and confidence. 

Dr. Lofman recommends Oakland County facelift candidates should:

Choosing Dr. Andrew Lofman as Your Michigan Facelift Surgeon

Dr. Lofman considers aesthetic medicine to be his life’s work. He has striven to continuously learn, improve, and progress in this demanding field for more than 20 years. 

Dr. Lofman takes time to personally connect with every patient, helping them understand how facelifts and other surgical procedures can improve their quality of life while maintaining their unique features. He can deliver the effortless-looking results you deserve.

During your Michigan facelift consultation, Dr. Lofman will conduct a thorough examination of your facial areas of concern to determine whether you need a mini or full facelift. Dr. Lofman will also:

Outstanding Results

Beautiful Outcomes Tailored To You

What Can I Expect During a Facelift?

With patient commitment and education at the forefront of Dr. Lofman’s mission, he educates each patient about the steps involved in their facelift procedures to ensure a comfortable experience from consultation to post-op. Each Michigan facelift patient will have a unique experience, but here are some general steps.

Before Surgery

Plan to arrive at the hospital or surgery center an hour before your procedure. After our team checks you in, Dr. Lofman will ensure you are comfortable, answer any last-minute questions, review crucial details, and perform surgical markings. After you are resting safely under general anesthesia, Dr. Lofman will begin your facelift in Oakland County.

During Surgery

According to your procedural plan, Dr. Lofman will reposition and tighten your facial tissues and underlying muscles while removing loose, excess skin. Dr. Lofman uses tiny incisions that will heal virtually unnoticeably.

Depending on your procedural plan, facelifts typically last two to three hours.


Facelift procedures are an outpatient surgery, so you’ll need someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first few days to assist you. Swelling and bruising are common, and you may experience numbness; however, these side effects gradually improve over the next six weeks. Elevating your head while sleeping and using cold compresses can help reduce swelling and bruising. Dr. Lofman will detail recovery instructions and when to return for follow-up appointments.

How Soon Will I See My Facelift Results?

A facelift recovery process depends on your procedure’s extent. For the first few weeks, most people experience bruising, tightness, and swelling that temporarily obscure their results. You’ll start seeing an improvement as your face heals and swelling dissipates, typically by a month post-procedure. However, residual swelling may take six to 12 months to subside. 

With optimal results and follow-up care, our Michigan facelift will leave you with a more youthful, well-rested appearance with results that last up for 10 to 15 years.

Refresh Your Appearance With Facelift Surgery in Michigan

Renew your look and boost your confidence with Dr. Lofman, one of the best facelift surgeons in Michigan. Fall in love with your results by partnering with Plastic Surgery of Michigan! Contact Plastic Surgery of Michigan at (248) 540-2100 or complete our online form to schedule your breast augmentation consultation today.


Novi, MI, Facelift

The cost of a Michigan facelift depends on your individual needs, aesthetic goals, and the extent of your concerns. At your consultation with Dr. Lofman, you will receive a detailed breakdown of your facelift surgery cost in Oakland County.

Following a facelift, you may need to take at least a week or two away from work and social activities. You should begin to see facial contour improvements after three to four weeks, but you may still experience residual swelling and tightness. Most patients can resume typical activities about a month after their facelift. Residual swelling may take six months to a year to fully resolve.

Plan to take at least one to two weeks off work. Those with physically strenuous jobs or small children to care for may need a longer recovery time. Please avoid strenuous activities, including exercising and heavy lifting, for at least six weeks following surgery. Dr. Lofman advises taking gentle walks as soon as you feel up to it.