When it comes to aging, no amount of expensive creams, serums or cleansers can truly restore the lost volume and vitality to your face. While they can help to some degree, non-invasive treatments like dermal filler are highly-effective and fast and can take years off your face almost immediately.

Aging gracefully is one thing — and aging gracefully with a little help is another concept that many men and women are embracing more than ever before.

If you’d like to learn if dermal filler can help you look and feel better, as well as help you look younger, keep reading.


Dermal filler is used to help decrease lines on the face and restore the volume that has been lost. It can also be used to correct minor facial deformities and offer more contour to the face.

Facial filler is made up of collagen substances that are comprised of either natural or synthetic materials. When injected into the dermis layer of the skin, it can augment the soft tissues of the face with more volume to smooth out creases and offer a more plumped up appearance.

Dr. Andrew uses Juvederm Voluma in his southeast Michigan plastic surgery office. His patients love this dermal filler because it helps to bring more volume to the cheek area where telltale signs of aging can be seen. With age, the cheeks tend to sag and loosen. Juvederm Voluma can correct these issues when administered by an experienced injector.


Adults who are experiencing facial volume loss, lines and wrinkles in the face or sagging facial skin may be candidates for dermal filler. Ideally, dermal filler patients need to be in good overall health and have realistic expectations. Dermal fillers do not treat the eye or brow areas and are temporary, typically lasting up to nine months.

A major benefit of dermal filler is that it is virtually painless with no down time, unlike the traditional facelift that was once the only viable treatment to facial aging. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than its invasive counterparts.


Dr. Andrew Lofman is proud to be one of the most well-respected plastic surgeons in Michigan. He is highly sought after by men and women in metro Detroit, the state and around the country because they trust the results he provides.

With an elite education and plethora of training and experience, Dr. Andrew is a go-to cosmetic surgeon in Michigan specializing in not only dermal filler, but also breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift, eyelid lift, liposuction, mommy makeovers, male breast reduction and much more. His keen eye for facial and body aesthetics combined with his unmatched skill allow him to create some of the most successful body and face transformations that look natural and beautiful.

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