Facial Liposuction and How it Can Help You Look Your Best

Facial Liposuction and How it Can Help You Look Your Best

When thinking about liposuction, fat removal from the stomach, hips, thighs or buttocks may come to mind. And while liposuction for the body is extremely effective and popular, the truth is that facial liposuction can also be highly effective at achieving your facial aesthetic goals.

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Why facial liposuction?

In years past, a facelift was the only viable solution for treating the face with cosmetic surgery. However, a facelift is a very intricate procedure with substantial downtime. Many folks who are considering a facelift to achieve a more chiseled face and neck often don’t realize that liposuction may be just the solution they’re looking for.

Facial liposuction is safe and effective at removing unwanted fat from the face – including the cheek area, jowls and chin, which are often areas that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. Liposuction of the face area is beneficial because it is a quicker and less invasive alternative to a facelift with fewer possible complications. It is also lower in cost and its recovery time is far less.

Extra fat that accumulates in the cheeks can be easily removed with liposuction, along with fat under the chin…goodbye double chin! Further, excess neck fat responds well to liposuction. It’s important to note, however, that liposuction does not involve removing excess skin. In this case, a facelift would be necessary.

How is it performed?

Facial liposuction is performed using a small cannula that suctions out fat cells in specific areas. Dr. Andrew Lofman is an experienced plastic surgeon highly in tune with facial aesthetics and is able to chisel a natural look through the removal of excess facial fat.

Facial and neck liposuction offer a more appeasing look, particularly a more appealing profile. If you are in good overall health and a nonsmoker, with noticeable facial or neck fat deposits, you may be a candidate for facial liposuction.

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