As time goes on, there’s one thing that is certain — gravity, genetics and environmental damage will take a toll on the appearance of our faces. This can cause lack of volume, a tired look, wrinkles, fine lines, texture issues and even sagging skin.

These skin changes can happen as early as our 20s, believe it or not! Starting in the mid-20s, skin can become dry and lines around the mouth can display. In your 30s, collagen and elastin break down, causing skin to thin and loose youthful plumpness. By your 40s, deeper lines around the eyes and mouth can occur along with forehead furrows.

However, with today’s advanced aesthetic solutions, there’s something you can do about your aging face. Whether you’ve been dissatisfied with your skin for a while or have a special event on the horizon for which you’d like to look your very best, Dr. Andrew Lofman is here for you with the very latest in injectable treatments.


Chances are, you’ve heard of Botox and dermal filler. These are minimally-invasive treatments that act to soften lines and provide much needed volume to the face.

Dr. Andrew is an expert in both Botox and dermal filler in Michigan and can help turn back the hands of time in minutes…literally. For the lines in the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes, Botox can smooth and help prevent lines from becoming deeper. And for restoring volume loss in the cheek area along with the mid-face, dermal filler is a fantastic solution.

Both treatments involve minimal discomfort and involve little to no down time. Botox results can typically be seen within a week, while dermal filler results are near instantaneous, making them the ideal treatments for those looking to erase signs of aging in a natural and fast way.

Additionally, it is key to take care of your skin’s health with proper skincare. Dr. Andrew is pleased to offer SkinMedica products at his metro Detroit plastic surgery office. He and his staff can help you determine which products are right for you.


As a specialist in the aesthetics of the face and body, Dr. Andrew Lofman understands how to achieve natural-looking results for his patients.

When it comes to the face, he is highly skilled at injectables for antiaging benefits. While there is a plethora of medical professionals who can inject you, it’s vital to understand your injector’s experience level.

Dr. Andrew is double-board certified and has top-notch skills when it comes to enhancing the bodies and faces of his patients. His decade-long career along with stringent education and training allows him the opportunity to truly changes lives. And this is why he does what he does.

If you’re looking for Botox and dermal filler in Michigan, or something else like an eyelid lift in metro Detroit or even plastic surgery in southeast Michigan, Dr. Andrew can help. Contact him today for your appointment to learn about your options.