The Ultimate Guide To Breast Augmentation In Bloomfield Hills | Dr. Lofman, MD, FACS

Breast augmentation can remedy insecurities, increase confidence, and improve overall body proportions. It’s a surgical procedure designed to help people feel more comfortable and content in their skin.

When dealing with a sensitive area like the breasts, you want a surgeon with compassion, expertise, and experience. Dr. Andrew Lofman, MD, FACS is the premier choice for breast augmentation in Bloomfield Hills and all across Michigan. Dr. Lofman is a breast augmentation specialist who has performed thousands of successful procedures in his career and provides individualized care and personal support for each of his patients.

Hear it from the source: listen to Dr. Lofman talks about the breast augmentation procedure.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about prepping for, undergoing, and recovering from a breast augmentation in Bloomfield Hills with Dr. Lofman

Hear it from the source: listen to Dr. Lofman talks about the breast augmentation procedure.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about prepping for, undergoing, and recovering from a breast augmentation in Bloomfield Hills with Dr. Lofman

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that enlarges breast size by inserting implants under the breast tissue. Implants can be made of different materials, and come in many shapes and sizes to make your augmentation fully customizable to your body goals.

Yes, breast augmentation is considered major surgery, but different surgical techniques limit scarring and lengthy recovery periods. Let’s break it down into steps.


Because breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, an anesthetist will administer either general or local anesthesia for your comfort as a patient. You and your surgeon will discuss which option is better suited for you and your procedure.


There are three commonly used incision sites for breast augmentation procedures.

Periareolar: along the bottom edge of the areola
Inframammary: along the fold underneath the breast
Axillary: in the armpit
Your surgeon’s choice of incision is based upon many factors, including implant type, implant size, patient lifestyle, desired outcome, and more. It’s important to talk through your options with your surgeon and come up with a customized plan.


This is where the surgeon will place the implants through the chosen incision site. The implant is placed either in the pocket behind the pectoral muscle or over the pectoral muscle underneath the breast tissue. Where the implant is placed depends on the type and size of the implant, and also the amount of naturally occurring breast tissue.


After the implants are placed, the surgeon will close the incisions using sutures, skin adhesive, or surgical tape, depending on the type of incision. As your body heals, the scars at the incision sites will naturally fade. Keep reading for some expert tips on breast augmentation recovery.

Why do people undergo breast augmentation?

There are many reasons why someone might seek out breast augmentation. Here are some of the most popular reasons among our patients in Bloomfield Hills.


The most prominent reason that our patients consider breast augmentation is because they are dissatisfied with the natural size of their breasts. Some women might be naturally small-chested and want to look more full. Others might desire a more curvy look to compliment the rest of their figure. No matter what your personal body goals are, Dr. Lofman will design a custom plan for your breast augmentation in Bloomfield Hills.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding can stretch and flatten the breast tissue and the skin around the breasts, causing a change in shape and density. Because of this, many women choose to have breast augmentation when they are done having children. A breast augmentation can reverse these effects, and restore breast fullness.


Not all boobs are created equal. Many women experience breast asymmetry. Over half of all women have one breast that is a different size, volume, or position than the other.

Severe breast asymmetry could be an indicator of something more serious, and regular mammograms are important to maintain breast health. However, breast asymmetry is most often completely cosmetic, and normal. Breast augmentation is a great option for correcting asymmetry in shape, size, or volume.


For a lot of women, changing the way that their breasts look can positively affect the way that they feel about themselves and their bodies. Breast augmentation can be a major confidence boost. Having an elective procedure done can also be empowering.

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Breast augmentation can also be part of a gender confirmation surgery. While genitals don’t indicate gender, enlarging the breasts with implants may help a person better connect with their gender identity, and feel more confident in their body.

For individuals who are transitioning, this can sometimes be referred to as top surgery. If there is no naturally occurring breast tissue, breast reconstruction may be a better-suited procedure for you. If you have any questions, Dr. Lofman consults with all of his patients before a procedure to provide compassionate care and personalized results.

What to expect from your breast augmentation experience


The consultation is an important step in assessing your breast augmentation goals, and making decisions about size, shape and feel before your procedure. Dr. Lofman consults with each of his patients to discuss your expectations and guide you through the decision-making process.

Pro tip: Bring in a photo for reference during your consultation appointment! Think of it like bringing a Pinterest photo to your hair appointment. It helps your surgeon know exactly what you want, and you can be sure your goals are clearly understood.


At your consultation for a breast augmentation, a nurse will walk you through everything to expect, and how to prepare for your surgery day.

When it comes to the time for your procedure, your plastic surgeon should ensure you are relaxed and at ease. Dr. Lofman and his team will walk you through the day with warmth and a smile, and create the most comfortable and enjoyable process for your breast augmentation in Bloomfield Hills. We want you to feel like family when you’re here; that’s what our practice is all about.


Dr. Lofman is a renowned regional breast augmentation specialist, and he takes pride in his work. He takes great care and time during surgery to make sure that your breast augmentation results exceed your expectations, and leaves you more confident than ever in your body.

While you may experience some swelling directly after your procedure, you can expect amazing results of fuller, rounder breasts, as well as quick recovery and extremely minimal scarring.

Check out some of our amazing surgical results:

Types of breast implants used in breast augmentation
Breast augmentation is far from a one-size-fits-all procedure. There are many different types of breast implants. At your consultation, you’ll be able to choose the material, shape, size, density, and feel of your implant. This customization not only helps you feel more confident in your surgery results, but it also lets you create a breast size and feel that matches your lifestyle, body type, and desired look.


Saline implants consist of a shell or casing filled with sterile salt water. Saline is a popular option for breast augmentation in Bloomfield Hills that provides a uniform shape, feel, or firmness.


Structured saline implants are filled with the same sterile salt water solution as regular saline implants, but they also contain an inner structure designed to make the breast appear and feel more natural.


Silicone is a popular option for people looking for a very natural feel that mimics breast tissue.

Pro tip: If you choose silicone implants, be sure to schedule regular checkups with your surgeon to ensure that the silicone is properly functioning and hasn’t shifted.


Yes, it’s the real thing! Gummy bear implants are thicker and firmer than traditional gel implants, so they maintain their shape without a casing or shell. Gummy bear implants are also more projected on the bottom and more tapered toward the top, mimicking a natural breast shape.


Round breast implants are the same shape all the way around, like a sphere. These are perfect for someone looking for a fuller, more high-profile breast enhancement.


Smooth breast implants are the softest options of all in terms of firmness. They are smooth to the touch, so they mimic natural breast movement by moving within the breast pocket.

How to prepare for your breast augmentation surgery


Hitting the supermarket is an important way to prepare for your breast augmentation surgery and recovery. Before and after your procedure, you’ll want to avoid heavily processed foods or heavy carbohydrates, as they could cause inflammation. Instead, look for whole foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs, beans, avocados, nuts, and whole grains.

You also want to eliminate foods that could interfere with blood clotting. Many supplements and foods you consume regularly may have blood-thinning properties, including:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Multivitamins & herbal supplements
  • Omega 3 Capsules
  • Ginger
  • Green Tea
  • Flaxseed
  • Cayenne
  • Garlic
  • Tomatoes

A lot of these foods are a great immune system and antioxidant boost in your everyday life; just consume them in moderation around the time of your breast augmentation.

Pro tip: Meal prep as much as you can! After your procedure, you might experience some tenderness around your underarms, or discomfort in lifting or moving your arms. Try and plan out meals that are easy to cook and require little preparation to give yourself the extra rest.


On the day of your surgery, you’ll need to coordinate for someone to drive you to and from your procedure. It’s also a great idea to have a support system of friends or family to help care for you throughout your initial recovery.

Immediately following the procedure, you might experience difficulty sitting up or standing up without assistance. It’s important to have people around who can help you with getting in and out of bed, changing your clothes and dressings, preparing meals, bathing, and more, at least for the first few days.

Friends or family can also be a great source of emotional support following a breast augmentation procedure and can help celebrate your results.


Relaxation is essential to a smooth recovery from breast augmentation. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out all of your favorite candles, blankets, movies, and snacks, and have some well-deserved me-time. Try your best to create a serene environment, free of stress and chaos.

Pro tip: Create a post-op station in your recovery area stocked with all of your essentials for easy access.


On the day of your surgery and throughout your recovery, you’ll need to wear clothes that are loose and easy to remove. Make sure that you have plenty of larger clothing pieces that don’t put pressure on your chest or arms as you heal. You mustn’t wear any underwire bras until your breasts are fully healed. There are many different post-surgery bras designed specifically for breast augmentation recovery.

Pro tip: Button-up shirts, wrap dresses, and cardigans are a perfect way to avoid having to lift your arms over your head after your breast augmentation. Many women also love wearing sports bras with zippers on them!

Other breast surgery procedures in Bloomfield Hills
Dr. Lofman is an expert in artistically creating youthful, symmetric, and perky breasts during every breast surgery. Read on to learn about some of the other breast enhancement procedures available in Bloomfield Hills and all of Michigan.


Breasts may naturally begin to sag or stretch over time with age, excessive exercise, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or their natural shape. A Breast Lift from Dr. Lofman can help your breasts look perky and youthful again.

A breast lift creates the appearance of fuller breasts without implants. The breast lift procedure can also correct asymmetry in breast shape or nipple placement, and reverse the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In some cases, a breast lift may be combined with a breast augmentation.


Breast Reconstruction is designed for women who have previously undergone a mastectomy due to breast cancer. Reconstructing the breast area after this difficult journey can be life-changing for many women, and a path to moving forward.

Dr. Lofman’s expert technique of using tissue from the abdomen gives the reconstructed breast the most natural look and feel possible, so you can feel like you again.


Depending on your body type, large breasts can cause neck and back pain, as well as negatively affect your posture and the skin underneath your breasts—not to mention impair your ability to exercise and find properly fitting clothing.

A Breast Reduction reduces the weight and size of the breasts, as well as the size of the areolas. This procedure is designed to make your breasts smaller without sacrificing shape or lift. Dr. Lofman is a surgical specialist in breast procedures and can help you determine a breast size that would be healthy and conducive to your lifestyle and body goals.


The procedure that reduces and removes excess fatty tissue in the male chest and pectoral areas is called Gynecomastia. This type of tissue is typically resistant to diet and exercise, making a surgical option highly sought out by many men. Gynecomastia can help men of all ages achieve natural-looking results and feel more confident.

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