Want to Permanently Destroy that Double Chin? We Can Help!

Close up of woman with luscious lips and smooth chin after Kybella treatment.

In today’s selfie-focused and social media-obsessed world, there are many who still shy away from being photographed due to being self-conscious. And for some, that reason is due to stubborn fat under the chin, aka, a double chin.

Perhaps you’ve got excess fat under your chin that won’t budge, despite eating right and exercising. The truth is, it’s not uncommon. However, something can be done…with Kybella.

What is Kybella?

Many times, a double chin is hereditary and simply won’t go away. Excess fat under the chin makes for a facial appearance that looks out of balance. Kybella is an injectable that is FDA-approved to permanently destroy fat cells under the chin, offering a more contoured look. Previously, this area could only be treated by surgical methods.

Kybella is made of deoxycholic acid, a component naturally made by the body. During your appointment, our medical injector will apply a “grid” to the area, so that the injection points are clearly marked. Then, during the injections, we will target the submental fat, however your surrounding tissue will remain intact. You may need more than one session to reach maximum results but it’s important to note that Kybella prevents cells from storing fat in the future. During your treatment, you will feel a burning sensation at the injection sites, which is normal. Any discomfort should subside in hours.

What to expect after your treatment

Following your Kybella procedure, you can expect swelling for up to a week. However, you can return to your normal daily routine immediately after your appointment.

Your results will appear gradually over time but are long lasting. Most patients require two to three treatments of Kybella to reach maximum results. Kybella can also be used to dissolve small fat pockets on the body, such as knee fat and armpit fat.

Kybella in southeast Michigan

Dr. Andrew Lofman is pleased to offer Kybella in his Michigan plastic surgery office’s medical spa. Here, his medical staff can treat patients from head to toe noninvasively with the latest and most advanced procedures.

For well over a decade, Dr. Lofman has been bringing his patients the best in plastic surgery. And now, his medical spa can offer you even more customized procedures to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

As a leader in the industry, Dr. Lofman is known for his compassionate nature and delivering amazing results. And he is proud to oversee every aspect of the medical spa to ensure your satisfaction.

Would you like to explore Kybella more in depth? Please contact our office today.