Where Can Botox be Used?

Where Can Botox be Used?

Do you feel that the years are starting to creep up on your face? Does your forehead, brow area and corners of the eyes display fine lines or wrinkles? If so, Botox is a viable way to smooth out lines and prevent additional signs of aging.

If you are considering having a Botox treatment to help you look younger and more refreshed, you may wonder just how — and where — Botox can be used. Here, we’ve broken it down.

Botox 101

Facial wrinkles and lines can make you look worn and aged, even if you feel quite the opposite. Botox is FDA-approved to temporarily treat the appearance of lines and wrinkles in certain areas of the face. As a nuero-muscular blocker, Botox helps lines looked smoothed and prevents the muscles from contracting, causing further wrinkles and lines.

A treatment with Botox is a fairly quick appointment — just about 30 minutes. There is very minimal discomfort and your results will take hold in about a week to two weeks and last up to three months. Botox is safe, effective and surprisingly affordable, making it a highly popular cosmetic treatment today.

Where is Botox injected?

Most commonly, Botox is injected in the upper portion of the face, whereas dermal filler is used in the cheek area. Botox in the forehead works to soften expression lines while also offering lift to the eyebrows. It can also be used between the eyebrows (commonly referred to as “number elevens”) and in the crow’s feet area to minimize lines at the corner of the eyes. Botox is also effective in treatment the vertical lines, or smoker’s lines, that have developed around the mouth. Additionally, it can be used in the neckband area to reduce neck wrinkles and offer a tightening effect.

The key to a successful and aesthetically pleasing Botox treatment is to choose a highly experienced cosmetic treatment specialist. Dr. Andrew Lofman is double-board certified and has years of experience rejuvenating the faces and bodies of his patients…making them look younger and feel their best.

Talented plastic surgeon specializing in Botox

Dr. Andrew Lofman has long been known as one of the most desired plastic surgeons in metro Detroit. His patients travel far and wide to receive his expertise in plastic surgery and minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments. In recent years, Dr. Andrew added Botox injections to his list of services because it is so in demand and effective.

In years past, the only solution for facial aging was a facelift. Through today’s injectables like Botox and dermal filler, men and women can achieve the younger look they desire with little to no downtime or pain. These are key reasons why Botox has become so incredibly popular by people from their late 20s on up.

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