Why Get Lip Filler? The Multiple Reasons People Consider Lip Augmentation

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With lip filler on trend now more than ever before, many people may be wondering what all the hype is about…or even considering lip injections for themselves.

In years past, lip injections were primarily sought out by older women whose lips became fine or crepey over time and wished for more youthful looking lips. And while this is still true, women (and men!) as young as their 20s are getting on board with lip filler for a variety of reasons.

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Perfectly pouted

Lip enhancement can offer a myriad of solutions to aesthetic concerns. First, as mentioned, even a small amount of filler in the lips can help your mouth appear younger looking.

Others are seeking out lip filler to correct asymmetrical lips. Some people are frustrated with an overly thin upper lip (in comparison to the bottom lip), for example. Lip filler can provide a more balanced appearance.

Others, still, wish to plump up their lips to achieve a desired look. This boost in fullness can last up to nine months. The beauty of lip fillers is that results are nearly instant with minimal to no downtime. Further, you are comfortable during your treatment with the use of numbing cream and strategic injecting techniques.

Remember to do your research…your injector should be highly experienced in dermal and lip filler and be able to answer any questions you may have, along with offering recommendations on the best treatment plan for you.

Of course, dermal filler can be used to treat other areas of the face, including the cheeks, laugh lines, under eyes, jaw and even the chin.

A consultation at Dr. Andrew Lofman’s metro Detroit medical spa can determine if lip filler is right for you.

Lip filler in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

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