Current Trends in Plastic Surgery

Current Trends in Plastic Surgery

In today’s fast-paced aesthetics industry, it seems like a new cosmetic treatment is available everywhere you look. Reason being, cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery are gaining more popularity than ever before because they are affordable and don’t require as much downtime as in the past.

As trends change, so do treatment demands. Read on for more about two of the latest trends in the aesthetic world.

The changing face of injectables

Recent findings show that those seeking out injectable aesthetic solutions, such as Botox or dermal filler, are becoming more popular among new demographics. This includes men, but also men and women in their 20s are seeking out Botox and dermal filler treatments as a preventative measure in anti-aging.

Believe it or not, people start losing collagen in their skin in their mid-20s (collagen is the protein that keeps skin looking tight and youthful) so this makes sense. Before, women in their 30s and beyond were the most popular candidate for injectables, not necessarily so anymore. Further, many men are looking to injectables to enhance or create a more masculine appearance, particularly in the lower face and jawline.

The overall decline of social stigma associated with injectables could be largely responsible for their ever-increasing popularity, in addition, of course, to the treatments being quick and virtually painless.

Less is more when it comes to breasts

Though breast augmentation leads the way as the top plastic surgery procedure in the U.S. (and has for over a decade), the result many women are looking for is different from years past.

Women seeking out breast implants typically are looking to replace lost volume in the breasts and add lift and shape. However, today, many women desire a natural result rather than a large, obvious-looking implant. Today’s implants can deliver just the shape and natural look and feel you want.

Of course, everyone’s body goals are unique. As always, a consultation with Dr. Lofman will help determine the best course of action for you.

Plastic surgery in metro Detroit

Dr. Andrew Lofman is an experienced and highly regarded plastic surgeon in metro Detroit. As an expert in breast augmentation, tummy tuck in Michigan, mommy makeovers in metro Detroit, liposuction, eyelid lifts in Michigan and more, he is keenly aware of what it takes to deliver outstanding results to his patients.

Time and time again, Dr. Lofman receives patient referrals from men and women who are ecstatic with the results of their treatment and newfound confidence. To him, there is no higher compliment! Further, in addition to being a skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew’s kind nature and calm, caring personality are why his patients feel so comfortable at his office. He takes ample time to educate every patient on the procedures that will best achieve the result they are looking for, in addition to explaining the treatment from start to finish. He believes that the more information a person has, the better equipped they are to determine whether plastic surgery is right for them.

If you’ve been considering Botox in Michigan, dermal filler, breast augmentation or another cosmetic procedure, contact our office today. We look forward to connecting with you.