Your face is one unified creation—one cohesive piece of art. When you’re considering surgical solutions to your aesthetic concerns, you want a professional with a comprehensive approach who considers the effect of the procedure on your face as a whole, not just one individual piece.

When it comes to surgical facial contouring in Michigan, Dr. Andrew Lofman’s top priority is creating balance and symmetry. Using his over 20 years of experience, Dr. Lofman combines expert technique with compassionate care to bring you impactful results from Plastic Surgery Center of Michigan. Keep reading to learn about the surgery process and recommended treatments.


We understand that your face is an invaluable piece of your personal identity. Each of our staff members is expertly trained and specially qualified to help you reach your dream facial contouring results through our superior process.


The surgical facial contouring process in Michigan always begins with a consultation. This step is crucial to outlining your treatment goals and expectations for the surgical process.

Dr. Lofman will meet with you personally to confirm your candidacy and guide you to surgical solutions that best match your unique concerns.


Once you build a custom surgical plan, Dr. Lofman and his team will execute your personalized protocol. We will work to make your experience comfortable and make sure we answer all of your questions along the way.


The recovery process after a facial contouring procedure in Michigan will look different depending on the surgery and the patient. You can trust that Dr. Lofman and his team will work closely with you to manage your recovery process with compassionate care.

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Excess skin and inflammation around the eye area can create a tired, aged, or worn appearance. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a permanent solution for those who experience saggy, drooping upper eyelids or puffy under eye bags

Eyelid surgery demands customization, finesse, experience, and a true respect for natural appearance to achieve the most balanced and the most beautiful outcome. Dr. Lofman partnered with a talented ophthalmologist for over 6 years to perfect his surgical technique for this procedure.

Causes Of Under Eye Bags And How Eyelid Surgery Works

Extreme under eye bags occur as a result of prolapsed fat on top of the orbital bone. Prolapsed simply means that the pocket of fat is sagging or drooping out of its normal position. This can naturally and irreversibly occur with age as the muscles around the eye stretch and weaken.

This procedure surgically removes the excess skin and prolapsed fat around either the upper and lower eyelid to bring a more open, youthful appearance back to the eyes.

Many patients prefer to surgically correct the upper and lower eyelids in the same procedure to maximize recovery time and achieve a more balanced result.

Benefits And Recovery

The benefits of eyelid surgery with Dr. Lofman include a personalized treatment plan, individual care and support, easy financing, and healthy, natural-looking results. Eyelid surgery can help you achieve a younger, fresher looking overall appearance.

Your eyelids may be swollen or bruised for 1-4 weeks following your procedure, but many patients feel comfortable going out in public or returning to work in as little as 2 weeks.

Some important steps you should take in the recovery process include:

  • Do not wear contact lenses
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes
  • Use eye drops as recommended
  • Clean eyelids gently with approved soap and water
  • Use ice packs to alleviate ache and swelling


Facial changes are inevitable as we age. Factors like your environment, your habits, your genetics, and even gravity all contribute to facial signs of aging.

A rhytidectomy, or a facelift, is a facial contouring procedure that revitalizes your facial features for a sculpted, more youthful appearance.

How A Facelift Works

Facelift patients undergo general anesthesia and the procedure can include any number of techniques as outlined by your custom surgical plan.

Dr. Lofman focuses on smoothing the pre jowl area (the natural depression in front of your jowls) and eliminating other deep lines by lifting the facial skin and removing the excess. Pulling the skin taut and securing it with expert technique is what gives the face a “lifted” look.

Volume loss is another effect of aging that can make the face appear older, tired, or worn. During a facelift, Dr. Lofman may also transfer fat from other areas of the body to restore any volume loss in the face. This could include the hollows of your cheeks or your chin.

Benefits And Recovery

A facelift procedure can be a complete transformation for both men and women looking to combat the effects of aging. In addition to a custom treatment plan and personalized care, facelift patients achieve a youthful and refreshed appearance that exceeds expectations. Surgical facial contouring is also preventative, so you can appear younger longer.

The facelift recovery period is typically about 6 weeks total with 2 weeks of required downtime. Bruising and swelling will occur, but will subside with time and rest. Some patients may also experience numbness in the first few weeks.

Some important steps you should take in the recovery process include:

  • Maintain follow-up appointments
  • Gently clean your sutures with approved soap and water
  • Sleep of your back and keep your head elevated
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do not use makeup


Similar to a facelift, a neck lift is designed to remove excess skin and fat from the neck area to alleviate and prevent signs of aging below the face.

While there is a non surgical face contouring treatment called Kybella that can be used to achieve these results, a neck lift is a more immediate, corrective procedure.

How It Works

Dr. Lofman uses the same lifting technique in his facelift and neck lift procedure. He uses his expert surgical skills to pull the skin flush against the muscle and remove excess skin and fat for a slimmer, younger appearance.

The procedure effectively removes stubborn pockets of fat that create the double chin effect and eliminates sagging skin that produces the appearance of a “turkey neck.”

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Benefits And Recovery

Results of the neck lift procedure are youthful and natural-looking. Revitalizing the neck area is a subtle change that transforms your whole appearance and your confidence.

The neck lift facial contouring treatment can be designed for both men and women, preventative, and customizable to your unique concerns and goals.

Neck lift recovery is typically shorter than a facelift at about 3 weeks in total with 1-2 weeks of downtime. Many patients return to gentle activities after just 7 days.

Some important steps you should take in the recovery process include:

  • Do not use ice packs on your neck, as this can damage the healing skin
  • Sleep on your back with head elevated
  • Maintain follow-up appointments
  • Gently clean your sutures with approved soap and water
  • Stay hydrated


rhinoplasty, often referred to as a nose job, can be applicable to patients with a wide variety of treatment goals. Some may consider this procedure for more aesthetic concerns, like a bump along the bridge of the nose or a down-turned tip above the nostrils. Others may require a rhinoplasty to improve nose function.

A rhinoplasty can be used to achieve more enhanced facial contouring results, to improve quality of life, or both!

How It Works

Based on your specific goals, Dr. Lofman will help you build a custom treatment plan that addresses your concerns.

During the procedure, Dr. Lofman can remove excess bone creating a bump or unevenness and reshape tissue and cartilage around the nostrils to achieve the ideal shape and size.

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Benefits And Recovery

Although your nose is just one piece of the puzzle, a rhinoplasty contributes to the overall balance and symmetry of your face. Dr. Lofman’s comprehensive approach to facial contouring in Michigan means that he prioritizes the appearance of your face as a whole when delivering custom recommendations.

Downtime after a rhinoplasty is typically one week. Most patients resume normal activities in 2-4 weeks. The length of your recovery is dependent on how invasive your procedure is.

Some important steps you should take in the recovery process include:

  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medications
  • Use ice packs or frozen foods to reduce swelling
  • Sleep on your back with your head elevated
  • Clean the area with approved soap and water
  • Stay hydrated


Dr. Lofman’s comprehensive approach to surgical facial contouring means building a custom treatment plan that considers your face holistically. Combining treatments can both address your personal aesthetic concerns and bring balance to the face.

Lifting procedures like a facelift and neck lift often work hand-in-hand with one another. Combining these two facial contouring procedures can be a great solution for those looking to combat or reverse the effects of aging.

If you’re interested in learning more about which facial contouring procedures would best match your goals, you can use our virtual consultation tool to receive personalized recommendations straight to your device.


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