Get Your Skin Looking its Best… Fast!

Brown skin woman looking down while looking beautiful.

Now that businesses, spas and medical practices are beginning to open again, we are getting questions from patients on how they can get their skin looking great quickly. Many are used to having frequent facials and facial treatments. And for some, the inability to do this over the past couple of months has caused skin issues.

The good news is that a chemical peel can offer remarkable results fast. More details below.

What is a chemical peel?

Perhaps your skin is showing more signs of aging than normal. Or maybe even sun damage and hyperpigmentation are becoming more prevalent. Maybe you have acne or post-acne inflammatory marks on the skin. Regardless, a chemical peel could be the solution your skin needs to look refreshed and rejuvenated quickly.

A chemical peel is made up of alpha hydroxy, trichloroacetic and beta hydroxy acids. There are various depths of chemical peels — superficial, medium and deep, which are categorized by how many layers of the skin the peel penetrates.

The medical spa at Dr. Andrew Lofman’s plastic surgery practice offers various types of chemical peels. Skin issues like age spots, sun damage, wrinkles and even actinic keratosis may require a deeper peel that is a bit more aggressive, while younger skin with fewer problems may find enough benefits in a lighter chemical peel.

Typically, results can be seen after just one peel, but maximum results can be garnered with a series of treatments. Following your peel, you will be photosensitive and should wear SPF and avoid the sun if able. The skin will slough away naturally, and it is key to NOT peel the skin off yourself.

Dr. Lofman’s medical spa in metro Detroit offers customized chemical peels and facial solutions to fit your unique needs. Please feel free to schedule a consultation or virtual consultation to learn more about which procedures are right for you.

Your Michigan medical spa for chemical peels in metro Detroit

Are you looking for a chemical peel near you? Dr. Andrew Lofman, a leading plastic surgeon in Michigan, is proud to oversee his southeast Michigan medical spa. With noninvasive and minimally invasive skincare procedures, our medical aesthetics staff can help you achieve the best skin of your life.

As always, Dr. Lofman maintains the highest standards of cleanliness, sanitization and safety with protocol being even further enhanced recently due to the COVID-19 precautions. Your health and wellness are our top priority and we are happy to consult with you virtually anytime.

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