Although our world is in an uncertain time, we are getting the green light to reopen our doors to our valued patients soon (with many added safety measures). Meanwhile, we have been getting a lot of questions and have been doing virtual consultations regarding cosmetic injectables. One question that comes up often is, “How long does Botox last?”

Read on for more about this FDA-approved injectable to treat wrinkles and how long you can expect your results to last.


When it comes to treating wrinkles and fine lines fast, Botox is today’s go-to procedure for men and women. Reason being, it is fast, effective, minimally invasive and virtually painless! Additionally, there is no downtime, so you can go about your day immediately following your appointment.

This common aesthetic treatment has been used for years for smoothing out forehead lines, crow’s feet (the lines around the eyes), the number elevens (the vertical lines between the eyebrows) and even lines above the lips and in the neck. It can even treat excessive sweating in the palms, feet and under the arms. Suffice to say, Botox can be an ideal fit for many people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.


Most patients will see the full results of their Botox injections in about a week to two weeks following their procedure. So, it is wise to plan ahead if you want to look your best for a special event.

Typically, Botox will last about three to four months. However, it is important to understand that every person is different, and longevity can differ. Athletes and those with a high metabolism may eliminate Botox faster from their bodies. Further, a first-time Botox patient may need a touch up sooner than someone who has had several treatments.

Our medical staff will consult with you to determine the best course of treatment for you and your lifestyle.


Though we are in unprecedented times amid COVID-19, Dr. Lofman wants to reassure you that he and his staff are taking every precaution to ensure your health and safety upon your visit.

His office has always exceeded recommendations when it comes to disinfecting, sanitizing and safety, however, we have put even more practices in place in our robust sterilization process, in addition to adhering to the guidelines from the CDC.

If you would like to learn more about Botox via a virtual consultation or if you’d like to schedule a future appointment upon our reopening, please call our office at 248-540-2100.