Is Your Body Summer Ready? It Can Be!

Is Your Body Summer Ready? It Can Be!

With summer on the horizon, many people are looking forward to warm, sunny weather, the beach, boating, time at the pool or even weddings and reunions. Sounds like fun, right?

Well, truth be told, for some people the thought of the aforementioned brings about a certain level of anxiety because their bodies just aren’t in the shape that they’d like them to be to wear bathing suits, shorts or even dresses confidently.

However, that being said, you should know that there is hope. Cosmetic surgery is a viable way to get the body you’re dreaming of, and fast. Read more to learn how you can be your most confident this summer.

Tummy, breasts, arms, oh my!

For both men and women, the midsection can be a source of self-consciousness. For women, this can stem from pregnancy, which caused stretched out skin and weight gain. For both men and women who have gained and lost weight, there may be a surplus of excess skin that simply doesn’t budge. And for others, still, the midsection may be resistant to diet and exercise.

A tummy tuck is a fantastic solution to this issue! This procedure removes excess fat and skin while tightening the muscles for a toned and trim look.

If arms are the issue, an arm lift works to remove excess skin from the upper arm, the part that often droops or sags. And for men and women alike, breasts may be a concern. (Yes, men can be concerned with the size of their own breasts.) For women, a breast augmentation can increase the size of the breasts, add much needed volume and shape and even add a more lifted appearance. For men whose chest has excess fat, often referred to as gynecomastia, Dr. Andrew can perform a male breast reduction to reveal a toned, sleek and masculine looking chest in no time.

As always, a consultation will determine which treatments are right for you and shed light on how fast you can have your dream body in real life.

Your Michigan plastic surgeon

As a leading cosmetic surgeon in metro Detroit and Michigan, Dr. Andrew Lofman is an expert in sculpting natural-looking bodies that his patients are ecstatic about.

So many people come to Dr. Andrew believing that their bodies are a lost cause. Not so! Through the use of the latest and most advanced tools and technologies in the cosmetic surgery field, Dr. Andrew has transformed thousands of bodies. From liposuction to tummy tucks to mommy makeovers and everything in between, Dr. Andrew can help you achieve the height of body confidence in time for summer.

Don’t wait…it’s time to put yourself first! Call Dr. Andrew’s office today for your consultation.