Though plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments are more popular than ever before, there are still some commonly believed myths surrounding the plastic surgery world. Regardless of the treatment at hand — whether it is breast augmentation, liposuction or even breast reconstruction or a mommy makeover — the truth is, plastic surgery doesn’t differ much from other medical specialties.

Read on as we dispel two common plastic surgery myths.


One very common myth of plastic surgery is that it is unattainable due to price. Some people mistakenly believe that only the rich and famous have the means to achieve their body goals with plastic surgery.

This is simply not true.

While the elite of Hollywood may, in fact, be on board with plastic surgery, the vast majority of patients are regular, everyday working men and women looking to regain self-confidence through treatments that will be effective for them.

Price of treatments varies based on the procedure. However, Dr. Andrew is proud to offer several payment options in his metro Detroit plastic surgery office. You can fund your treatment via cash, credit/debit card or even a cashier’s check. He also accepts CareCredit, a great option for those who want a treatment as soon as possible while paying it off over time.

And the bottom line is, cosmetic surgery is an investment in yourself and that is truly priceless.

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A second myth that some people believe is that if you undergo plastic surgery, then you must be vain.

As humans, chances are everyone has at least one physical trait about themselves that they’d like to change or of which they aren’t confident. And this is completely normal! Why else would we strive to lose weight and workout to shape our bodies and be more physically fit?

Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments can not only enhance your body through fat reduction, bigger breasts or even smoothing out wrinkles, it is often used to correct a birth defect or treat areas of the body that aren’t responsive to diet and exercise.

Being an expert in breast augmentation in southeast Michigan, Dr. Andrew has performed countless breast reconstruction procedures for women who have had a mastectomy. And this treatment, no doubt, can be truly life changing.


As a highly skilled and trained Michigan plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Lofman is one of the area’s premier cosmetic surgeons. His specialties include breast augmentation in Michigan, male breast reduction in Michiganliposuctionmommy makeovers and more.

His patients time and time again share their satisfaction, of course, in the results he provides, but also in his compassionate demeanor that puts them at ease.

If you’d like to learn more about treatments that could be right for you, Dr. Andrew welcomes a consultation.