Though the term “dad bod” has gained popularity these days, it truly refers to a male physique that has lost muscle mass. And while it may be slim, it is neither lean nor toned.

As men age, it can be hard to maintain a strong, toned-looking body, regardless of diet and exercise. And some men have a genetic predisposition to carry extra fat in certain areas of the body, including the belly.

But dads (and guys in general), don’t fret…Dr. Andrew Lofman can help. If you’re a man searching for ways to achieve optimum body confidence, or if you’d like to give that special man in your life the ultimate confidence, keep reading for cosmetic treatments focused on men!


Though most people can understand how a woman may want a mommy makeover following pregnancy and childbirth or simply due to the changes her body undergoes with age, the truth is, male bodies also go through changes with age.

Typical body issues for men include excess fat on the stomach and midsection as well as on the chest. This can often be a source of low self-confidence. And many men come to Dr. Andrew seeking a long-term solution that can aid them in the healthy lifestyle they are implementing.

Liposuction is a viable solution for sculpting the abs and offering a tightened, chiseled look. This is also effective for the love handles and even the chest to remove stubborn fat and excess fatty tissue. The beauty is that men (like women) can experience the results of liposuction long term if they continue a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


When researching male cosmetic surgery options, it is key to understand a surgeon’s experience level. As a choice plastic surgeon in metro Detroit, Dr. Andrew Lofman is highly skilled and experienced in providing cosmetic surgery treatments for men. He is keenly aware of the body concerns men have and has a reputation for delivering results that exceed expectations.

As a recipient of many accolades, including Top Plastic Surgeon as awarded by the Consumer Research Council of America, Dr. Andrew is also a Real Self Top Doctor, a title that is given to a select few doctors to offer professional expertise to people all over the world via the RealSelf website.

If you’re a man looking to regain your highest level of self-confidence, or if you’re a woman wanting to gift your partner or husband something truly priceless, then contact Dr. Andrew for your consultation.