Luscious, Hydrated Lips for the New Year! Lip Filler 101

Woman using lip balm with luscious lips.

Lip filler is certainly a hot trend right now in the aesthetic world. And more and more patients are seeing just how lip filler can enhance their facial appearance — even balancing out other features for a beautiful, softly defined natural look.

Dr. Lofman and his staff are pleased to provide lip filler procedures using dermal filler — and you, too, can have gorgeous, plumper lips in no time.

The ins and outs of lip filler

With lip filler procedures continually on the rise, it’s no surprise that these procedures have increased over 40 percent since the year 2000. For those who have been considering lip filler, it’s key to understand a few things.

First, lip filler can and does look natural if you choose an experienced injector like Dr. Lofman and his nurse practitioner. Using strategic injecting techniques and state-of-the-art dermal fillers, we can create the lip look you desire. Whether you are looking to plump both the upper and lower lip, enhance a thin upper lip, create an uplifted look or something else, we can help.

Next, lip filler can be free of discomfort. Using expert injecting techniques and top-notch medical-grade numbing cream, we ensure your comfort throughout your procedure. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at how very tolerable a lip filler treatment is.

And finally, the beauty of lip filler is that it is affordable compared to invasive procedures and results can last up to nine months, though you may wish to come back for a touch up prior to that, particularly if you prefer to begin with just a small amount of lip filler.

Lip filler in southeast Michigan

Dr. Andrew Lofman’s renowned Michigan plastic surgery office is known for being experts in lip filler in metro Detroit. He and his medical staff have much experience and skill in dermal filler and have been injecting for over 10 years. Our patients continue to be thrilled with their natural-looking, gorgeous results we provide.

As a RealSelf Top Doctor and an HOUR Detroit “Top Doc,” Dr. Andrew oversees his metro Detroit medical spa, which offers the latest and most advanced noninvasive procedures to enhance your facial and body appearance.

Are you interested in lip filler? Please contact us for your appointment or consultation. We look forward to serving you.