Retexturize Your Skin Noninvasively!

Woman looking in mirror at her smooth face.

Between sun damage, genetics, environmental factors and plain aging, the tone and texture of our skin can really take a beating. Enlarged pores, sunspots and brown spots. As well as fine lines and wrinkles can all be telltale signs of age…and even make us look older than we are!

Fortunately, with today’s cutting-edge aesthetic procedures, you can achieve the skin you yearn for. Learn more below.

Skin resurfacing in Michigan

Dr. Andrew Lofman’s Michigan plastic surgery practice offers a state-of-the-art medical spa in southeast Michigan which is overseen by him. Here, one of the procedures is the Cynosure ICON Laser, a modern tool that can transform the texture of your skin noninvasively.

Using light-based technology, the ICON is able to improve the look and feel of your skin without significant downtime or surgery. Perfect for both light and dark skin, the ICON can improve the appearance of not only age spots and sun damage, but also acne scars, surgical scars and stretchmarks, making it a truly remarkable treatment.

This fractional laser is known for achieving exceptional skin resurfacing results through its laser energy microbeams that extend into the dermis and epidermis of your skin. Then, your body’s natural process of healing creates healthy, fresh tissue to replace the areas of affected skin tissue. The result? A younger, more glowing you!

The treatment lasts only about an hour and a consultation can determine how to best customize to your needs.

Cynosure ICON Laser in metro Detroit

As a highly regarded cosmetic surgeon in metro Detroit, Dr. Lofman and his skilled staff are thrilled to offer noninvasive skincare and body solutions, along with a full suite of plastic surgery treatments for men and women. His world-class medical spa in southeast Michigan uses only the latest FDA-approved tools and techniques in order to garner the very best result for you.

If you’re looking for an effective, noninvasive solution for your skin concerns, feel free to contact our office. We are eager to help you!