The Best Beauty Treatments in Your 40s, 50s and Beyond

The Best Beauty Treatments in Your 40s, 50s and Beyond

Are you noticing lines cropping up on your face when you look in the mirror? Perhaps your face looks tired or worn when in actuality you feel great!

Signs of aging are natural, including wrinkles, fine lines, volume loss and even tone and texture issues. However, you don’t have to simply accept them. Read on for our recommendation on the aesthetic procedure that can help you look and feel your best at any age.

Cosmetic injectables

When it comes to smoothing out facial wrinkles and replacing precious lost facial volume, neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport and dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are key.

Whether you are noticing your cheeks drooping, deep folds around your mouth or even more and more lines in the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes, cosmetic injectables may be the solution you’re looking for.

Not only do these FDA-approved injectables treat lines and volume loss, they actually help prevent the deepening of lines in the future and encourage your skin to produce collagen. Dermal filler is typically recommended every six to nine months and Botox and Dysport every three to four months. A consultation can determine which procedures are right for you.

Skin resurfacing

Perhaps years of sunbathing has caught up to you on your skin. Or maybe you are frustrated with enlarged pores, broken capillaries, acne scarring and even redness and rosacea. When our skin lacks a glow and displays uneven tone and texture, it can make us look older than we are. And, often times, these skin issues are difficult if not impossible to cover with makeup.

The Cynosure Icon Laser is a state-of-the-art tool that can address these skin issues and more! The treatment works to minimize pores and lackluster texture while also stimulating the production of collagen to battle wrinkles — double win!

Further, it can even minimize stretchmarks, leg veins and remove unwanted hair. The Cynosure is truly an all-in-one device and can help you achieve the beautiful skin you crave.

Full service medical spa in metro Detroit

As a full-service Michigan medical spa, Dr. Andrew Lofman and his acclaimed medical aesthetics staff are pleased to bring you the most advanced and in-demand cosmetic aesthetic procedures that can take years off of your face and body no matter your age.

From cosmetic injectables including Botox in metro Detroit, dermal fillers, Emsculpt, laser facial rejuvenation in Michigan and more, we can help you achieve the height of confidence and help you look as young as you feel.

With FDA-approved treatments that are comfortable and effective, our patients are repeatedly pleased with the natural-looking results we provide along with our level of skill and experience.

If you’d like to explore medical spa treatments in Bloomfield Hills, MI, contact our office to learn more.