As we age, noticeable changes start taking place in our faces. As each year passes by, our skin starts to look older and feel thinner, and we may exude a tired appearance even when not tired at all.

Women and men in their forties, fifties and beyond commonly visit Dr. Andrew’s office for a variety of concerns, particularly for wanting to look as young as they feel. Read on for solutions to two common aging issues.


As a result of aging, many folks start to experience a tired look in the eye area. The eyes may even look smaller than they once were, particularly when smiling.

Drooping eyelids are a common issue amongst men and women who come to see Dr. Andrew. Specializing in blepharoplasty in metro Detroit, or eyelid lift, Dr. Andrew utilizes the latest technology and techniques during this procedure. He feels that each patient is different, therefore, each procedure differs a bit.

While some patients need simply the eyelid lift, others would benefit from the removal of excess fat on the lower eyelid. Others, still, may wish to regain lost volume to the tear trough area or improve the texture of the eyelids with laser resurfacing.

The bottom line is, when you see Dr. Andrew for a blepharoplasty, you have options to achieve the best results possible for you.


Another surefire way to quickly show age are lines and wrinkles on the face. As we age, or skin loses collagen (the protein that keeps it strong and supple) at a rate of about one teaspoon per year after age 30. The result? Wrinkles and sagging skin.

But the good news is, facial fillers are a way to quickly turn back the hands of time…literally in minutes.

Dr. Andrew is an expert injector of Juvederm Voluma, a facial filler that consists of hyaluronic acid — a material that is naturally present in the body. Juvederm Voluma is designed to restore a refreshed look by lifting the skin and softening the nasolabial folds, and is a fantastic alternative to surgery. Results are nearly instant and can last up to nine months.

Many patients are opting for facial filler as opposed to a traditional facelift because facial filler is much more affordable with little to no downtime.


Dr. Andrew is pleased to have helped thousands of women and men achieve the confidence they desire through plastic surgery in southeast Michigan.

When you visit Dr. Andrew for a consultation, you are able to share your facial and body concerns in a caring and professional environment. Dr. Andrew takes care to listen to his patients thoroughly so that he may make the best possible recommendations to address all of their concerns. He strives to make each and every person who walks through his door feel as comfortable as possible.

Known for delivering unmatched results, Dr. Andrew has been named “Top Plastic Surgeon” by the Consumer Research Council of America for eight consecutive years. Just as important, though, is his reputation for being a kind, caring and top-notch plastic surgeon in metro Detroit.

Is your age starting to show on your face? Are you interested in how you can battle the signs of aging for a younger, more refreshed look? We encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.