As we age, our bodies and our faces begin to change. What was once toned, tight and taut can become saggy, slouchy and soft.

The good news is that you can take measures to regain your youth through cosmetic treatments and cosmetic surgery. Read more about three options.


As we age, our faces lose the holy grail of youth — collagen. This protein is the substance that keeps our skin supple and glowing. And after the age of 30, we lose up to a teaspoon of it per year. Don’t fear, though, because we can replace the youthfulness, fill in facial lines and lift sagging skin quickly and easily with dermal filler.

Dr. Andrew’s metro Detroit plastic surgery office uses Juvederm Voluma dermal filler to restore our patients’ skin to what it used to be. And the best part? Results are immediate with no down time! Dermal filler can be a fantastic alternative to a traditional facelift, for a much lower price tag and no need for anesthesia.


Whether you’re a mother who wishes to regain her pre-pregnancy body, or a man or woman who simply finds it difficult to lose fat in the stomach area (a common problem with age), we have solutions that can help your midsection become trim and toned.

A tummy tuck — or abdominoplasty — is a very common plastic surgery procedure that removes excess fat in the belly area, along with excess tissue and skin. Also known as an abdominoplasty, Dr. Andrew performs this procedure according to patient’s specific needs and most patients recover from a tummy tuck in about three weeks.


Another telltale sign of aging is sagging, droopy eyelids. Dr. Andrew is an expert in blepharoplasty surgery in Michigan, also known as an eye lift or eyelid lift.

Droopy lids often occur with age due to a loss of elasticity and can make folks look tired and older than they are — along with hindering their vision. Dr. Andrew has been performing eyelid lifts in southeast Michigan for years and takes a customized approach to this treatment not only by removing excess skin on the upper lid, but also the lower.

As an expert in performing eye lifts in Michigan, Dr. Andrew’s techniques and options, like restoring volume under to the tear trough area with facial filler as well as using laser treatments to further restore the eye area, make him a top choice for this procedure.


Dr. Andrew Lofman is proud to have been serving the southeast Michigan area’s plastic surgery needs for over a decade and a half and he is delighted to be one Detroit’s most sought after plastic surgeons as well as a Real Self Top Doctor.

He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has helped thousands of patients regain their self-confidence through cosmetic treatments and procedures.

Patients continuously note that they are pleased with Dr. Andrew’s kind, caring nature along with his genuine concern and desire to listen to his patients. Further, his skills and insight into plastic surgery are top-notch. As such, he has made a trusted name for himself in the industry.

With a focus on results and patient safety and education, the satisfaction of Dr. Andrew’s patients is his top priority. To learn more about your options when it comes to cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments, please feel free to contact our office for a consultation.