Three Ways Women are Benefiting from a Breast Reduction

Three Ways Women are Benefiting from a Breast Reduction

When you think of plastic surgery of the breasts, you may automatically think of breast implants. However, a large number of women — well over 115,000 annually — are realizing the benefits of a breast reduction.

Reduction? Yes, that’s right. Some women with very large breasts opt for a reduction for a variety of reasons that can enhance quality of life. Read on for more information.

Pain issues

Many times, large breasts cause a variety of physiological symptoms in women. These symptoms include neck, shoulder and back pain, as well as poor posture. Other side effects of large breasts include the onset of rashes under the breast or even grooves in the shoulder, and, of course, discomfort overall.

Simple tasks like climbing stairs or jogging can be a challenge and cause pain for those with excessively large breasts and these pain issues are one reason women opt for a breast reduction.

Clothing concerns

Another reason women are getting breast reductions is to enhance their physical appearance in clothing. You may think that large breasts are always one’s best asset, but the truth is, when breasts are overly large and/or saggy, they can have the opposite effect.

Many women become frustrated with their large breasts when it comes to shopping or finding clothing that fits properly. This can include tops, dresses, swimwear and undergarments. Many brands just aren’t made to accommodate women with very large breasts and, not to mention, certain clothing can look risqué with large breasts, even when that’s not the look you’re going for.

Confidence boost

And finally, some women opt for a breast reduction to enhance overall self-confidence.

Not only can it be challenging to workout with very large breasts, it can, in turn, be more difficult to lose weight as a result. After a breast reduction, many women find they feel more confident in their clothing or when exercising, as well as more properly proportioned overall.

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