What is a Breast Lift and is it Right for You?

What is a Breast Lift and is it Right for You?

Many women are unsatisfied with the look of their droopy breasts. Also known as ptosis, drooping can occur as a result of lost volume from breastfeeding, weight loss or simply the effects of aging. Some women, on the other hand, have always had droopy breasts and are looking for a corrective solution.

Can you relate? Fortunately, a breast lift is a viable solution to these concerns. Read on for more.

What exactly is a breast lift?

If you’d like to raise up your breast placement, a breast lift could be the treatment you’re looking for. A breast lift consists of removing any excessive skin while fixing the position and shape of the breasts. Asymmetry issues can also be corrected.

A breast lift can offer a perkier, more youthful look to your breasts. However, it’s important to understand that a breast lift will not increase the size of your breasts. That can only be done with implants.

Benefits of a breast lift include correcting the placement of the breasts and nipples, rejuvenating the breasts after weight loss or breastfeeding and offering the appearance of fuller, more shapely breasts. Oftentimes, patients will opt for a lift along with implants, but this isn’t always the case.

Could you benefit from a breast lift?

Most people have heard of breast implants, but many don’t quite know how breast implants and a breast lift differ. Simply put, a breast lift raises the breast’s placement so that they are more uplifted. Additionally, a breast lift can correct breast asymmetry in terms of shape, size and position.

One way to determine if a breast lift may be right for you is to employ the pencil test. Put a pencil under the fold of your breast as high as possible. If the pencil stays, your breasts more than likely droop. And if your nipple is below where the pencil is, your drooping is even more significant.

However, the best course of action in determining if a breast lift is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew. He can share recommendations and treatment options that fit your unique needs.

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