With as much research and time that goes into the decision to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, patients should be equally well-versed in how to care for their implants after breast augmentation. After all, you want to be sure you’re taking care of your body (and your investment!) as best you can.

If you are considering or scheduled to undergo a breast augmentation, here are two easy ways you should be supporting your implants in the weeks following your surgery in order to help maintain their best health.


One of the most crucial pieces of recovery following a breast augmentation is ensuring your breasts heal properly.

Though many patients are eager to go bra or clothing shopping following their breast augmentation, keep in mind that your new breasts need several weeks of healing time. Waiting anywhere from four to six weeks is ideal before you splurge on new undergarments or tops. While healing, you will need to wear the proper supportive garments, including bandages and surgical bras, which we will recommend at our office. (Not to mention, your breasts will be swollen and need time to settle in, therefore, gauging your new size of bra will be challenging during this time.)

Taking your time will help to ensure that your money is well spent on the right clothing.


When it does come time to purchase new bras, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Implants typically cause breasts to be heavier than they were before surgery. Therefore, adequate support is essential. Underwire is not recommended until your breasts are completely healed, however, many manufacturers make supportive and attractive bras without underwire. It may also be wise to have a professional fitting to ensure you’re getting the right new size.

A high-quality sports bra is also a wise investment early on, and of particular importance while working out. Exercise can stress the tissues of the breast so the more support the better while doing any aerobic activities.


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