Believe it or not, spring vacation and even summer are just a few short months away! And many people are getting their bodies in shape for upcoming beach days and poolside respites. However, sometimes no amount of exercise and dieting can garner that six-pack you want.

However, there’s good news! EMSCULPT can help you achieve the midsection of your dreams in just a few short treatments! Read on for more.


In the past, body shaping treatments had just one area of focus and that is treating fat. Though fat reduction is a part of attaining tight and toned abdominals, there is more to it. This is where EMSCULPT comes in.

EMSCULPT harnesses the power of energy that is electromagnetic to contract the muscles and provide stronger, firmer and more defined abs. Your muscles adapt to the extreme conditions of the treatment (though it is comfortable!) for a remodeling of muscle structure.

EMSCULPT is so advanced it addresses not only superficial fat but the muscles underneath for maximum tone. When used with an active and healthy lifestyle, the results can be fantastic. In fact, one session of EMSCULPT is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches in just a half hour!

EMSCULPT is also ideal for the buttocks. But when use don the abs, studies indicate that muscle thickness is increased by 19 percent and subcutaneous decreased over 27 percent.


Dr. Andrew Lofman’s southeast Michigan medical spa is highly advanced and home to the latest and greatest nonsurgical procedures to have you looking your best from head to toe. As a highly sought-after and award-winning plastic surgeon in Michigan, Dr. Lofman himself oversees the daily practices of his medical spa and only uses cutting-edge, FDA-approved equipment and techniques to bring you the very best results.

Not only does Dr. Lofman’s medica spa offer EMSCULPT, he is pleased to offer injectables, chemical peels, Kybella, laser resurfacing and more. And his Michigan plastic surgery practices is known for providing excellent results with treatments like liposuction, mommy makeovers, eyelid lift, male breast reduction, tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

No matter your concern, we offer customized procedures to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Dr. Lofman and his medical staff never use a cookie-cutter approach, because every body is unique!

We invite you to contact our office for your consultation. We look forward to helping you!