Have you noticed the years creeping up on your face? Are there lines and wrinkles where your skin was once smooth? Or are those wrinkles getting deeper? Maybe you’ve notices sagging in your face or simply feel you appear more tired than you used to.

All of this is completely normal and happens with age. Fortunately, there are FDA-approved treatments that can help turn back the hands of time — in practically no time at all!

Cosmetic injectables like Botox, Juvéderm and Restylane are all used to help our patients look and feel younger and more confident. The best part? They are minimally invasive and have little to no downtime.

Some patients ask about pain associated with cosmetic injectables. This is a common question and it’s important to know that these injections involve very minimal discomfort. Read on for more on this.


While cosmetic injections may cause brief discomfort, we aim to make your experience pleasant, comfortable and unparalleled!

Some injectables contain an anesthetic called lidocaine, which can help ease the “pinch” that you may feel while being injected. Additionally, we can apply topical numbing cream and ice to the area at hand to help with any discomfort associated with injections. Dr. Lofman and his staff are trained on the latest injection tools and techniques that will help maintain your comfort throughout your treatment.

The most discomfort tends to occur on the lips and around the area of the mouth, however, it’s important to know that these injections are very tolerable, and some people don’t feel any pain at all. When you’re in the hands of a skilled injector at Dr. Lofman’s office, you can rest assured that you will be as comfortable and as educated on your treatment as possible. And, most importantly, your results will speak for themselves.


Whether you are a man or woman looking to regain a refreshed appearance, Dr. Andrew Lofman and his staff can help.

The beauty of injectable anti-aging treatments is that they are fast, and results are also quick — with dermal filler results seen nearly immediately and Botox and Dysport results seen in about a week. Your results can last months and offer you a younger, revitalized appearance in a natural-looking way.

Our skilled injectors understand what it takes to achieve fantastic results with injectable treatments when it comes to areas like the forehead, crow’s feet, mid-face, lips and more. And our advanced metro Detroit cosmetic surgery office offers only the latest and safest products and techniques to ensure your experience is top notch.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward looking and feeling your best, please reach out to us today for your appointment. You will be happy you did!