In today’s day and age, it’s quite common knowledge that the face of plastic surgery has changed. No longer do you have to be rich and famous to undergo procedures that give you the face and body you desire. Today, plastic surgery is accessible and affordable.

Further, plastic surgery has come a long way from just breast augmentations and nose jobs (though these are still two of the most popular procedures out there). Now, there are more versatile, customizable solutions for a wide array of facial, skin and body issues for both men and women.


Men, like women, want to feel comfortable in their own skin. And according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of men having plastic surgery since 2014 continues to rise (43 percent in five years), noting that the top-performed procedures for men include male breast reductions.

The reason is simple: Men are becoming privy to their options when it comes to attaining the bodies they desire — and taking action to get them. At our office, we have helped many male patients with a wide array of solutions for body issues that bother them.


Our office has performed a substantial amount of breast reductions for males dealing with Gynecomastia, which is the swelling of the breast tissue in men due to an imbalance of hormones and some medications. While Gynecomastia typically poses no health threat, it can, however, cause slight pain and a lot of embarrassment for men.

While losing weight can help in reducing the appearance of male breasts for some, even very fit men still have excess glandular tissue in the breasts. What I wish men suffering with Gynecomastia knew was just how easy it is to gain a masculine appearance through undergoing a male breast reduction in metro Detroit (which is the only long-lasting and, many times, permanent solution).

During this procedure, we remove excess fat and glandular tissue in the breast area, resulting in a flatter, firmer contour to the chest. The procedure is performed under anesthesia and involves making a small incision on each side of the chest, through which the fat and tissues is removed and a new chest is sculpted.


Men and women in metro Detroit have been trusting Dr. Andrew with their plastic surgery needs for over a decade. Known as a premier plastic surgeon in metro Detroit, Dr. Andrew brings with him an abundance of accolades, including the title of “Top Plastic Surgeon” by the Consumer Research Council of America for the past eight years.

As an expert in male and female breast reduction, liposuction and blepharoplasty in metro Detroit, Dr. Andrew is Board-Certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery and utilizes the latest FDA-Approved, cutting-edge techniques to offer his patients.

If you are interested in learning more about your options, please contact our office today.